My Scraps

I have just updated my slide on my scraps for my blogger friends.

Some of my models were :
Jaclyn's Scot & Sean
Annie's Fearles and Cruz
Joneh & JPPMOM's Preston and Presley
Barbara's Ashley
Eva's Calista
Tracy's Granddaughter Charmaine
Sandee's Aidan
Vien's Belle
Jan's Chloe
Judy's Terry
Jane's TongTong
Amy's Isabelle

Thanks again for being my model!


  1. PapaJoneh said...

    OMG.. there are all so lovely!
    I especially like the boys one of coz kekeke... I think jacss' twin boys so so keng one...

    Nevertheless, they are all so cute. Sasha, so nice of you. :D

  2. Zara's Mama said...

    Where's mine children?? Where are mine children??

  3. Vien said...

    Can open side biz now...hehe. Thanks again for the scrap you did. I'm trying to figure out if I can have it printed. I think the copy you sent isn't a compressed file. Ah, chat with you later online.

  4. Lemonjude said...

    so nice of you like the scrapbook..

  5. Jacelyn Chew said...

    How nice! Y dun u put my babes too!....just kidding. :)

    i've a reward for u.

  6. Annie Q said...

    Once again, thanks for do the scrap for my boys. Thanks!

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