I received an email from my so-called colleague in Singapore. Read what she wrote:

Dear Sasha,

How are you now? Busy changing diapers? Hope u r enjoying your new bundle. Boy or girl ah? If need toys, we have.... XX one!

THE XX BRAND TOY, is actually a brand for... DOG TOYS.

Now, tell me. Am I being too sensitive or someone is not sensitive enough to know that she just offered DOG TOYS to my son - A HUMAN?

And she has the guts to email me and asked me to work during my confinement.

So tell me, who can be more retarded than her? Well, I cannot find anyone. But I found another person who is equally retarded like her.

My Malaysian colleague! She said that that girl's suggestion is a good idea! YAY!!!! Now I know what to serve them during their birthday party- DOG FOOD!

This is what I drank:


Shallot & Pepper Soup.

White Pepper
Red Dates

Just boil it and drink it as soup and you can see/feel the milk coming!

*Boil for 3 hours-slow fire*

According to BabyCentre:

• 50 per cent of full-term infants develop jaundice on the second or third day after birth. It disappears after one week.

• 80 per cent of premature babies develop it between the fifth and seventh days after birth (Evans 2007). It usually disappears within two months of birth.

The normal practise in Malaysia (don't know about other parts of the world), we will bring the baby out and put him under the morning sun. For some cases, like my Justin's (our house is lack of morning sun) and since the reading is going up, we're advised to put him under the phototherapy at home for 3 days.


The charges are RM445 for 3 days, much cheaper than staying in hospital. Plus its much more convinient for everyone (mom and baby) cos you can cuddle the lil one more and breastfeed him exclusively.

Home Phototheraphy Services Sdn Bhd
Contact No: 03-7957 8137
24 hour service line: 012- 395 1311
Website: www.bluelite.com.my



My sister prepare this drink quite frequent for herself and her husband who has high blood pressure. And since my husband liked the taste and it comes with benefits, I have prepared it for him. The drink is very fragrant as it ws made from pandan leave and lemongrass and its sweet.
The ingredients :
Pandan Leaves
Brown Rock Sugar
Serai/Lemon Grass

Boil it under 30 mins slow fire and you're done!


When I was in my college days, I can say that NO guys came after me. I wonder why. Is it because I was fat? Yeah, that was one of the major problem I had when I was in my college. I was 57kgs! Even my mother in law ( back then my boyfriends' mom) complaint that I was fat. So to the gym I went and I never loose any weight for months! I finally stopped when my friends went to Australia to further their studies and I was left alone here. Then, my weight dropped like *swoosh* downwards. I became 52kgs and yet no guys were interested with me. Well, except for my boryfriend then(now husband).

Later, I became thinner and thinner and still no one came after me. I was thinking to myself, "boy, I must be so damn ugly". Finally, a mad college friend of mine came after me. Yeah, came after me he did! He even stalked me and started to have fasinations about me. Later did he confessed to me that a few guys went and spoke to him about me. They're also interested in me but they never came after me. Why? Because I potrait a very "strong" characteristics and seems to be "too smart" for guy.

See how Asian man thinks? They only want dumb girlfriends so that they can manipulate the girlfriends. *shake head* Anyway I'm glad that those losers never come after me and I stayed with my now husband for 7 years before we signed the papers. Guess he love to be loved by a strong and smart woman eh? *lol*

So, talk about flirting. Basically I don't need to flirt. Cos even if I flirt with them, I drive them away! I was once told by my ex class mate that I have that "aura" that attracts people to me. *wink* Is that true? I don't know. But I love to give people "The Look" like this and make them look away, shyly.

So how do you like to flirt? Why not practise with Ultimate Flirting Championship by Extreme Style by VO5 and see how you fair? Come and have fun by creating a character that you wish to be. Probably a sexy love goddess and wait for another 2 others players to join you. You will then have 30 seconds to answer the questions given to you with the sexiest style. Hey... if you're good you have nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about okay? Try it! You might even win something today! *wink*

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