It's holiday season again!

Its year end again and its time to be jolly! Holiday is round the corner *sings in Christmas tune* Ahh.....all the saved leave are waiting to be spent by going top far far away places, far away from work and home where the headache normally occurs. Hubby is planning for holiday for the 3 of us. But we have a problem on selecting a place and securing a place to stay since it's year end where everyone is away having holiday all over the world.

But seriously, I love to go to London. Hubs been there once and he told me it's a nice place and the old buildings are just so magnificent especially the Hotels In London.

Manchester will be another nice spot to go to. But since it's a last minute kind of preparation, Hotels in Manchester might not be available. Luckily there's Britannia Airport Hotel Machester who offers last minute room booking. And not forgetting the price which is so affordable for a 2 star hotel.

Birmingham is our next destination. Look at the breath taking hotel situated just right next to the pier. A plain 2 star hotel at 35 GBP is just the right price for us. I mean, we don't need a posh and luxurious Hotel In Birmingham to stay because our main intention is to visit Birmingham and not sleep in the room only, if you know what I mean.

Wow, I'm getting too excited already. Need to plan the rest of the journey and start counting my budget now. Bye for now!

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