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Another shot of Cruz. He's such a poser! I couldn't get a good picture of Fearles cos he was so shy! Like I said in previous post, the pic can be better!



Took this last Sunday in TTDI park. That is Cruz, Annie's twin no 2.

The pic is not so clear but i love the total outlook.

Definitely can be better pic. I'm sure I can shoot better pic after my dslr class this Saturday. Can't Wait for it!

Shop In Etsy Again!

I must be out of my mind! I bought fabrics this time. Muaahahahahahahahah

The colours are just so vibrant! and it's cheap and affordable for me. I'm so excited about it and I can't wait to sew.

Sew what? I have no idea!

That's how crazy I am! muahahhahahahahahahahha

My Fav Moment when I drive.

I can cry with my shades on. And no one will know.

I can laugh. And people will think I'm talking on the phone.

Or I can sing out loud. And who cares if everyone is looking at me?

I just hate it when I can't cry or laugh or sing.

Especially when I need to car pool everyday with Lady O's aunt.


New Milo Junior

I was at Tesco Shah Alam when the promoter handed to me a cuppa of new Milo Junior. It was meant for the kiddos aged from 2-5 years old. At first sip, it tasted like the one I made myself (Milo + Fresh Milk). It tasted quite nice and my son love it. But we still have stocks for the original Milo. So probably the next round we'll get that for him. But drinking Milo and knowing it has DHA and whatever nutrient needed for growing up kid is kinda weird for me. I felt like a giant drinking small little children's milk. Hahaha

I don't know.

I don't how I should feel now.
Or what I should do next.
All I know is, I am so lost.
Should I be angry that my son's nanny rejected my son?
Or should I be happy that she helped me decide when to place him in kindy when I have been wondering when is the right timing?
Or I should be sad that she gave me the reason as if my son is some sick kiddo that is out of control?
Or should I be extra angry that she helped the other girl to bully my son all the time?
Or Should I be sad that she has totally no love for my son whom she has taken care for 25 months and 1 week now.
And everything about him is all being pushed to me.
I have to decide where to put him after sch.
I have to decide how izit going to be during the changes between nanny and daycare.
I have to come out during working hour to pick him him.
I have to wake up earlier to get things ready for him.
I have to find the water container and dammit i cannot find the straw for it.
I have to make sure he wake up earlier so that he won't be blur when he's at sch.
And now I have to decide whether I should give up my job and stay home.
Or let him be in the daycare.
How ? How? How???????

I just bought something for a blogger friend who is about to pop in UK. Since I have extra money in my paypal, why not just choose something easy to buy from ETSY! Etsy is so convinient and its user friendly for lazy busy people like me! Here's what I have bought.

With a model like that, how can u resist not buying it????

Are you drinking the right tea?

1. People who use their "brain" to work or students who study hard day
and night --- should drink more chrysanthemum Tea.

Originally uploaded in

2. People who need a lot of body energy to work or those people that do
a lot of exercise everyday --- should drink Wu Loong Tea.

Originally uploaded in

3. People who travel on a bike or work in dirty and polluted places ---
should drink Green Tea.

Oiriginally uploaded in news/archives/465

4. For people who likes to sit down all day long and not doing anything
even exercising --- must drink Green Tea and Flower Tea.

Originally uploaded in Pink-Rose-Bud-Tea.asp

5. People who smoke and drink a lot of alcoholic drinks --- should drink
more Green Tea.

6. Carnivore (those people who must ea meat) at least once a day, or
feel sick or not feeling well --- try to drink some Wu Loong Tea.

7. People who go to the washroom too often or too less --- should drink
more Honey Tea

Originally uploaded in

8. People with high cholesterol and high blood pressure --- Wu Loong
Tea,Green Tea.

9. Those who work with computers everyday --- need to drink a Lot of Tea
(any tea will do).

Whenever you are working with the computer, you should make some tea;
drink it when you are free.

Drinking Tea is healthy --- it can protect and prevent the harmful
Ultraviolet light from harming us (when using computer).

Furthermore, it can also cure us when we are tired and help making our
body feel fresh again.


See what they wrote about my name! hahahah

What Sasha Means

You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong.

You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know.

You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.

You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.

Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.

Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.


Didn't sleep well last night.

The lil one crawled over and started rolling and did some breakdancing while sleeping.

So i got irritated and scooped him up and placed him back to his own bed.

Hub was outside doing his thing again.

And then I couldn't sleep. Thinking about so many things. And end up wetting my pillow. *sigh*

And then, i couldn't sleep anymore and finally my hp rang at 7.25am. Time to get up and work.

And now..i'm having headache.

A man thought that by keeping all the problem to himself, he is doing a good thing for all.

He never know that if the wife knows that he is keeping a secret all by himself, the wife is also worried sick.

And how stupid can a man be , thinking that he can hide problems from the wife?

And the wife is super duper good in thinking about nonsense. What do you expect a pregnant woman to think when the husband can't sleep at night, checks email in the middle of the night, say that he is super duper tired all the time, No mood, No nothing, not even anything.

So instead of thinking about not affecting the wife's thinking, he is making the wife going nutz.

When the wife told him, he will say sorry. And then...the story begin again.



My Scribbles

My header design for LemonJude.

How? Nice ah?

La La La....

I woke up at 6am this morning. I had a dream and it made me cry abit.

And then I got up. I folded the clothes. Tonnes and tonnes of it.

Washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

And mopped the entire house. Nearly trip, but luckily didn't. I think my baby is protecting me..i guess. Or izit other way round. Hmmmm

And i washed the porch.

And now I'm la la...


After a few round of measuring and checking out the place, and also a few days for me to design it, finally yesterday we're supposed to propose it to the customer.

And guess what?

Want to do renovation in May.

Stupid or not?

It's not like the renovation was an impromtu plan. It was planned long time ago and now only they inform us that they're renovating it.

And before that I've asked them so many times "Any requirements for the TV??". No requirement.

Now they want 32" LCD TV. Luckily we haven't buy the tv and the dvd player yet.

Well, sit and wait for the renovation plan lor.

Waste my time designing only. Stupid.

I did, last night. For the first time.

I can never sleep if I'm angry or sad.

But I managed to do it last night.

Probably I'm just too used to it.

Yeah, maybe.

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