It was a good drive

Why? Cos that lady O's aunt drove! Good news for me!

Then i can CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY all I want when I drive.

Ahhhhhh the feeling is just so nice to get it all out!

Aunty, you better drive for the rest of the days okay?

i woke up at 5 am

Yeap I woke up at 5 am. My body was like leaking all over. The nose, the eyes the everywhere. The freaking air cond was so damn cold and someone just gotto pull the whole damn blanket over to his side and since we changed to king size bed and we sleep so damn far from each other, lagi teruk. Pissed, I woke up and folded the mountain of clothes. Mountains and mountains of it. I wonder how come I need to wash the clothes and fold the clothes all the time and not someone else.So I folded my own clothes and Jayden's of course and left someone's clothes out. Just think that he doesn't deserve it. Let it grow into a huge mountain and see if moss and fungus will grow out of it. Proly I will do that to his dirty laundry too. Yeah, why not? As if he will give a damn about it.

Then I started to sweat. Niamah, why isit so damn hot at 6 am in the morning? I took a shower and came out very fresh and I boiled some water and washed the rice cooker. I tell you, I dun have any freaking idea why he must leave the rice cooker unwashed in the sink. But if I were to do that, he'll nag me? And each time he leave it there I gotto bloody wash it cos I need to cook rice the next day?

So here I am at 6:50 am on our 4th anniversary, waiting for the sun to rice. opps.. already naik.

So, selamat ber-anniversary.

It's 3:20 pm now

I took 2 days leave. Jayden skipped school today. Why?

Because we wanted to accompany his dad for his birthday.

And what happened? He arranged to meet his customer on his leave. He said he will be back at 10 ish before 11. And he came back at 12.

Jayden was already sleeping that time.

So what's the point? I don't know.

Yesterday was the same. He went to work.

I should've gone to work and J should've gone to sch. At least I won't waste my 2 days unpaid leave.


These mushrooms survived from being crushed by Lady O's aunt. She managed to crushed other rounded mushroom and I think she missed these. *sigh* This woman, really is a killer. And the mushrooms is not even blocking her way.


My 2nd MJ shoes



While waiting for Jayden to come down from the slide, I managed to snap this lil girl's pic. Very familiar face, like I have seen her in some blogs or website before. Hmmmmmm....


Oh yeah...

I asked him when did he plan to do his own business.

He replied-one week ago.

And so I asked him , how come you didn't share it with me and now totally ruin my plan to be SAHM.

And he replied "Oh mistake"

And that's all he said.

Plan? What Plan?

For few days, I thought that my plan is going to be realized soon. I told my hub that I want to WFM or even be SAHM when no2 comes. He as usual said "Ah huh" or "orggh". I discussed with him, or maybe i think I did discuss with him because he replied to some of my questions like "Can you handle the financial" and "how much are you gonna give me as pocket allowance" *big smile*. And he end up saying " As long as you're happy..."

So fine. I told my boss about my intention to work from home. He said that shouldn't be a problem. But he need to discuss it with my no2 boss. When it comes to no2 boss, everything is a No No. So there might be a possibility that I will completely quit and just concentrate to be a SAHM.

And suddenly, my hubs came home and totally shattered my plan. He threw my plans into the rubbish bin just like that. He told me about his intention to work on his own, work from home. I asked him "then what about my plan to WFM or even SAHM?" He just told me that WFM is okay but SAHM- cannot. Someone need to work full time until his business is stable. To simplify it, that "someone" is me.

You see, suddenly my vision is all blurred out. My mind went blank. For days and days we've been discussing about it and suddenly he just came back and told me another story and totally turn my plan upside down. Sometimes I think I should Be angry with him because he should have told me about his plan so I can think of other another plan. But nope.. he chose to be a cockle, no matter how u dig and dig, he just wouldn't open his mouth and tell it out.

All I can say now is that..I'm in total lost now. My hub totally forgot about the "Ball in my tummy". He forgot that this ball will turn into a human soon.

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