Digital Frame!

Forget the conventional and old fashion (oh no, Mott is going to kill me for saying this!). Now there's new way to store your most precious pictures. Use digital picture frame to store your pictures. See the selected pictures being displayed in slide form and you can even add sound such as music to it.

Imagine displaying your wedding pictures. Your picture of you leaving your house in that wedding car which you have rented at very expensive price (that, you got to remember for life). The moment you cut the cake. The moment your husband pop the cork off the champagne bottle and your honeymoon while your wedding music is playing at the background. Isn't that lovely? Also you can play the short video's you have shot that day. Remember the uncle that got drunk and started vomiting at your guests? Now, that's a memory that you need to keep and watch it once in a while with your digital picture frame.

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