Banana Leaf Rice of course! Once in a month we'll go for Banana leaf rice. Either it's in Taman Tun's Sri Panndi or Old Town's Medan Selera Kavitha's. Sri Paandi is slightly more expensive but it's nearer to our house. But Kavitha's is so cheap and the food is very yummy! For us, it's a fixed menu. I'll go for the basic banana leaf rice and vege with curry chicken gravy and a fish cutlet while Big C will go for the fried fish! And that Papadam........*drool*

Okay, can't wait to go for next month's Banana Leaf Rice!

I wish I'm here....

Its holiday and I wish I'm in some resort like the picture above. Picture was taken during CNY when our family went for CNY holiday in PD. Why do I have to wait more than 7 months later to post the pictures out? Because Big C stored it in his digital cam and forgot to load it out. *sigh*

Got this from Sweetpea, L'abeille, and Health Freak Mum , and MUmsgather too. Actually once I saw sweetpea got tagged for this, i emailed and asked her to tag me. Why? Am I too free to do tags?

Nope, cos that time I just got to know that someone wrote somethings about my mum and surprisingly it was written in year 2002. They were praising my mum because she is an "Alternator Lady". What is alternator? Turn ard and ask a man if you don't know... Maybe some of you guys know that I used to grow up in my dad's workshop because I used to have a drug addict uncle who used to abuse the 4 of us. And my mum helps my dad and took over the "wiring" job from my grandad. My mum not only fix cars, she fix huge coils for big machines. That's I always admire her....and when i look at her hands, she will always ask me "eh my hands dirty and black how ah".Her hands is rough and black because of the cuts (when she pulled the wire with harden glue) and her hands became black because of the grease and glue. That's Fact No.1 My Mum is a Super Alternator Lady

Fact No. 2 : She used to work in sewing factory
I got my sewing skills from my mum because she used to work in the sewing factory before my dad kidnapped her from the factory and brought her to work in the workshop.

Fact No.3: Never give you what my mum never give me.
For some parents, they will give the children what they don't have last time. My mum is totally opposite. She once told me " what I cannot have, you also cannot have". So last time when I need money to pay my fees, she will not give it to me until the last minute. Sometimes she will wait until we cry and beg her for money, then only she will give. She said " I used to get punished to stand on the table when my mum never give me money to pay school fees..."

Fact No.4: All supermarket things are expensive and Sales are gimmick, they mark up the prices.
Die or not????? That's why when we're young, going to supermarket is like a privilege...and "HANG KAI " (shopping) means really just walk and don't stop and go home.

Fact No.5: Only ME calls her Mama, My other 3 siblings calls her AH SUM.
Long story. Superstitious believes. My uncle passed away and my mom gave birth to my bro. According to the law (don't know what law) the first born son must be given to the eldest uncle. So that's why my bro calls my mum Ah SUm and my Dad, Uncle. And how come my sis also calls them that? Need to guide the younger one to greet my mum and dad that time passed by they forgot how to greet their actual parents Mama and Papa.

Fact No. 6: She don't take pork.
Yeah her entire family don't take pork. Was too poor to buy pork. So until now they don't take pork. But she can cook yummy pork dishes.

Fact No.7: She trained us, You want money? Go look for it.
That's why I started working very 7 yrs old. I even worked when I was in college. Fully supported my own pocket money including petrol money. Cool?

Her Salted Fish Tau Fu Pok In Claypot *drools*
Her sambal udang...must eat with my hands *drools*

My neighbor's house got broken into about a month ago. A week later, another house. They even tried to go in to my friends house. Thank god, they didn't manage to get in to the room because my friend's sis was in the room at the back of the house. God knows what will happen.

When my friend came over she was shocked that the Ind*n robbers went into my neighbour's house and not mine. You see my neighbour house looked like those young single ppl who's renting house and we've fully renovated our house. So of course Big C checked out grills and all and nothing, not even a scratch. Then I remember, I did add "something" to protect ourself from bring robbed.

The fengshui master that came to my house before Jayden was born told me that my area fengshui are destined to have robbers who is our neighbour. My Neighbour are robbers? No...., apparently there are some Ind0ns staying near the river separating my neighbourhood and Bandar Utama. So he said, you must put "this" thing here *pointing at my back door* and cactus as big as the owner's palm in front of your gate.

These Ind*ns robbers uses JAMPI before they go into your house and rob you while you sleep soundly. Like my neighbour, he cannot hear a single sound and he woke up so surprised to find his wardrobe at the back of the house. So what is the "thing" that can break the spell?


You can use this canned luncheon meat or pig bones(the one you used for soup) and stuff it into a plant or something. The master said that Non-halal items can break the spell. So far so good. Just buy one and keep at the back door and eat it when it's about to expire and remember to buy and replenish stock ya.

Note: how we know that it's Ind0ns leh? Because my neighbour went to M@xis and canceled the line. In within few hours , they already made about RM400 calls back to Ind0nesia. That's why la....

I got this from Oliviasy. So here goes!

It’s very simple. When this is passed on to you, copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.) Write your own blogging tip for other bloggers. Try to make your tip general. Tag as many people as you want.

1. Look, read, and learn.***
2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other.****
3. Don’t let money change ya!******
4. Always reply to your comments.*****
5. Blog about what you know & love.******
6. Don’t use filthy language-buy a dictionary.***
7. Blog about something educational**
8. Be yourself; others will follow ***
9. Don’t have too many blogs that will become a chore to maintain***
10. Keep it simple, user-friendly, interesting and organised! **
11. Keep the blog simple and sweet!! ***
12. Share with others your thoughts and don’t be shy!***
13. Never ask for link exchange. Blog hop to increase traffic.**
14. Don't clutter your blog with ads all over the place. IT'S IRRITATING.
15. Don't comment for the sake of commenting. Some looked too fake and its a big turn off!

Okay, Done!
I'm tagging:

Judy Chow
Ah Pek- yr partner Lilian got tagged i tag u la.
The Blue Ranger

One Word

Got this from Mummy to Qiqi. Almost everyday I get tagged. *sigh*

One word tag? So the answer must be only one word izit?

Where is your cell phone? There
Relationship? Why?
Your hair? Curly
Work? yeah
Your sister? there
Your favorite thing? Jayden
Your dream last night? ghost
Your favorite drink? Ribena
Your dream car?
The room you’re in? Bedroom
Your shoes? shoe rack
Your fears? Tags!
What do you want to be in 10 years? Happy
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Family
What are you not good at? Talking
Muffin? Thanks
One of your wish list items? Money
Where you grew up? here
Last thing you did? login
What are you wearing? clothes
What aren’t you wearing? shoes
Your pet? BoBoChaCha
Your computer? Hyundai
Your life? good
Your mood? eating-mood
Missing? blog-hopping
What are you thinking about right now? this tag
Your car? Wira
Your kitchen? white
Your summer? coming
Your favorite color? all
Last time you laughed? just now
Last time you cried? that night
School? i wanna go back there
Love? make love not war.






7Ps Tag

First tag from FLSAM. He's my silent reader (I think) cos he mentioned that he reads my blog regularly. ;)

So here goes the 7Ps that best describe me.
Generated Image

Passion - Myself, Big C, Small C, BoBo, ChaCha, My garden, My Fish, mY bla Bla Bla
Purpose - Like to talk too much, so must blog it out. Hubby is sick of me blablaing edi haha
PursuitTo be famous through blogging To make new friends,to learn new things
Position - GM
Pummeling -Liar
Progress - Almost there...
Personality - Nutty, Spicy, Sometimes Yummy, Most of the time crazy.

Now to pass the baton:

  1. I logged in although I said I'm on blog break.
  2. I checked technorati to see who linked me.
  3. I opened my eyes big big when I saw L'abeille tagged me.
  4. I already said I'm on blog break.
  5. I'm not supposed to blog during my blog break.
  6. I start to read the tag.
  7. I start to write the tag in my tagsnsuch blog.
  8. I'm waiting for Big C to come back and bring us out for dinner.
  9. I'm not happy lately.
  10. I'm confused lately.
  11. I'm depressed lately.
  12. I don't feel like talking now.
  13. I just felt like sleeping now.
  14. I cannot sleep because Jayden is next to me.
  15. I bought many plants and I havent put them nicely in the pots.
  16. I am a murderer, as per Big C's comment towards me with plants.
  17. I murder plants but that's when I don't take care of them.
  18. I didn't write any cari makan post today because I am bored with it.
  19. I felt like eating crab but no one bring my to eat crab and I'm broke.
  20. I am listening to Barney music now.
  21. I am so bored.
  22. I am so sad again.
  23. I am thinking to go somewhere and just be alone this weekend but I know it's impossible.
  24. I am only 27...
  25. I am having mid life crisis now at 27
  26. I am thinking who to tag next.
  27. I just bought a rotan for Jayden and he thinks that it is a toy.
  28. I am speechless, why it must be 32 sentence and why not 33 or 31?
  29. I am talking to KOK in msn now. So he's automatically tagged.
  30. I am tagging Judy also because she is close to Kok.and because she just made ugly curry puff.
  31. I am Tagging Shoppingmum also just because i feel like it.
  32. I am tagging Janicepa because she just started writing paid post.

Got it from her.

Three things that scare me
1) Hearing THUD sound, means Jayden fell down.
2) Hearing Uwaaa means Jayden jammed her finger somewhere
3) Meeting crazy driver like my Spore journey.

Three people who make me laugh
1) My Son
2) My Hubby
3) Myself

Three things I love
1) My Son
2) My Husband
3) Traveling with Both my Guys

Three things I hate
1) Jayden being Sick
2) Big C gotto travel far and long
3) Liars

Three things I don't understand
1) Why the tags never end
2) Why my hubby can sit in the toilet for hours and come out and told me Noak, not bath. shit only. 0.o

Three things on my desk
1) Laptop
2) Handphone
3) Camera

Three things I am doing right now
1) Doing this tag
2) Taking Care of Jayden
3) Scolding Jayden NO!!!!

Three things I want to do before I die
1) Finish this tag
2) Make sure someone takes care of the small one
3) make up nicely and make sure i die pretty ....hahahha

Three things I can do
1) Scold
2) eat
3) love

Three things I can’t do
1) Blog Hop everyday
2) Comment everyday
3) Cook and clean everyday...*sigh*

Three things I think you should listen to
1) Parents' advice (same with Judy)
2) Your feeling and heart (same with Judy)
3) Gods' word (so same with Judy)

Three things you should never listen to
1) People show off about how much and what they have, which reflects what you don’t have (agree with Judy so much)
2) negative things la.
3) People talk bad about me which I'm not in that way (Judy , why we so same wan?)

Three shows I watched as a kid
!) Smurf
2) care bears
3) Ultraman (why he ding ding ding only when he wanna die? why he never ding ding ding from the beginning?)

Tagging them:

Got this from the very Vain, Mummy In Vain. She wanna know what are the 8 terrific things about myself. Chey...I don't know wor. I don't think that I'm terrific so I took a long long time to think about this. So here goes my 8 terrific things:

  1. Trained to do housework at a very young age. Grandma pays me RM50 to sweep,mop,clean, cook, hang clothes and fold the clothes since errr....maybe 10 years old?
  2. Sew by 7 yrs old. My elder sis taught me how to make 5 stones from the pieces of cloths we got from our aunt who own a sewing factory back then. Then I sewed alot and sold it in school for package price of RM1.50 for a set, or RM0.30 each (to replace the missing ones). That's how I learn to use the old singer sewing machine.
  3. Do part time work since 7 years old. Followed my grandma and sis to a nearby neighbour house to fold bank phamplets, stick double sided tape behind Anita Mui Concert Poster and all...
  4. Can reply someone so fast when being asked and get people tongue tied.
  5. Can bring Jayden out alone, take MRT, up and down the staircase, hold umbrella and talk on the handfone and also snap picture. Can that be terrific?
  6. Park my car in the smallest parking area when no one can. Can ah?
  7. Talk and Talk from PJ to Penang and from Penang to PJ. Can?
  8. I am terrific cos I said I can talk non stop but I cannot think of the No8 reason *pengsan*

Now I wanna tag another 3 person.
Logic Yuan cos u can only do tag right?
Laundryamah, I wanna know about your 8 Terrific things.
LovelyMummy, I know U love Tags!

Logic Yuan tagged me. So 8 wanna know about me ya? problem.

1. What was the last thing you did that you pleased your parents?
Got married then only make baby. *wink* Have a grand wedding for them to show off and let them go home early to sleep (dinner end at 930pm cool?) ..Bluff wan la..where got so much money. Only make baby after get married la...can or not jek?

2. Do you keep long nails?
No,always break before it gets long. Jayden around ma....

3. What makes you start blogging?
I kiasu wanna follow ppl can or not? Actually I have nothing to do at my previous working place. So i blogged lor....

4. Blog hopping is good or bad?
Good for newbies to build rapport. Good for the oldies to maintain rapport. Never forget the roots ya.

5. How long you take to bath?
5 mins. Then Jayden will come to knock on the door. Mama!!!!!!

6. Whose blog you viewed before doing this tag?
Sasha BlaBlaBla that's how I know i got tagged lor...

7. What motivates you to go out for the outdoors the most?

8. How long is your average SMS length?
4 pages to bitch. 2 pages to ask for favour. 3 words to Big C. Haha

9. What you use your email for?
To check comments.

10. What is your favourite snack?
I don't like to eat snacks. That's why i quit my last job. Snack company. Not healthy. Hahaha

11. What movie that you think that is worth for your money this year?
Transformers. Opps it was a free tix

12. What would you look for when you wake up early in the morning?
My damn HP alarm la.

Now my target:
Lovely Mummy- saw that you like tag to increase pr...
Immomsdaugther - long time no hear from u ah...
Papajoneh- Thanks for your support. I lak U.

What I hate the Most

Got this from her....So here goes.

What I hate the most.......Can I say Tag? Hahaha

The creature that I hated the most must be:

  1. worm (cos they're so wiggly)
  2. lizards ( I hate the ingots lying around)
  3. frogs (cos they keep coming to kill my fish)
  4. Road Bullies (read here to know why)
Tag other ppl now:
Shopping Mum
Judy Chow
Jesslyn (dunno if you have done it or not)
Rimus (i want to know what guys hate)

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