We need a vacuum cleaner

With a toddler in our house, we need to pick up the toys, wipe the floor on and off because they will spill drinks and food on the floor and throw rubbish everywhere. I'm going mental just picking the toys up everyday! When ever J is at home the room looks like tornado has just came and gone. Gosh!

I know, I need to train him not pick his toys up. Probably we need some time to do that. In the time being, I need to clean the house fast. Because when he is home, I can''t do anything. So I need a good and reliable vacuum to suck all the dirt and rubbish fast.

Have you seen the Dyson vacuum cleaner? *drool* It's just too perfect to be just a vacuum cleaner.Light weight and able to reach high places. Just right for a shorty like me!

Okay I know I give all sorts of excuses just to buy one vacuum cleaner. So babe, pretty please buy me a Dyson Vacuum cleaner?

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