She need lights!

Okay. Now that she has ordered the furniture for the bedrooms, the dining hall and the living hall, she need to look at lighting. In fact lighting should be the first factor that you should pay attention to when you have purchased a house. Again, she had asked me to give her some feedback. Hey, its not my house you know. She should be the one making the decision. Probably she's just plain lazy to decide anything. So I told her to get some hinkley light fixtures for the dining hall its just so elegant to light it up when you have guests coming over for dinner. Next she should get some forecast lighting for her rooms. The george kovacs lamps is not bad for the living room. Some of the designs are very elegant and unique. It brings it up the entire room if the room is simple and nice. Adding a piece of nice lamp like this will brightens up and the entire room will look simple and elegant. No other decorations are needed.

I hope she can choose some lightings and settle her house as soon as possible because Christmas is just around the corner. Otherwise she won't be able to move in in time and decorate her Chrismas tree!

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