Ship My Car

My blogger friend just told me that he used to stay in overseas. And since he love his car so much, he decided to ship his car over!!! Oh man! I think he's crazy. If it was me, I will just sell the car and get a new one here. But he told me that the car means a lot to him and it was a gift from his dad who passed away recently.

Okay, since it has sentimental value then I think it is okay to ship it over, with a minimum cost. He told me that it doesn't cost that much since he is using auto transport for his car shipping service. international car shipping services nowaday are so efficient and not so costly. He can even track his car movement, day to day. Just to make sure that the car is coming towards him and not towards some other people's garage. Maybe I can consider shipping my car over when I migrate. That's IF I were to migrate!

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