Look at this baby! It's on sale in RedBird. Going for $199 when the actual price is $399. I can afford that. I mean I have enough money in my PayPal for that. Hmmmmm Maybe I should really consider, eh?

Then my itchy fingers got so itchy. I went and scroll down and looked at what is on offer. Itchy fingers I have. Now I have another problem. I have the urge to get another item for my hubby.

This Seiko Men's Arctura Kinetic Gents Watch. Going for $499. The price is not bad for a Seiko. Since he had bought me a DSLR for my birthday maybe I should get this for him, for our upcoming Anniversary this January. Hmmmm.. Maybe I should. Or maybe I shouldn't. He's getting into my nerves lately. Maybe I should just punish him by getting him Braun Shavers as a present. *evil grin*

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