I love the way he eat...

I love to look at him eat.

Look how he pay attention scooping the ice cream?


Look at him eating the ice cream is better than eating ice cream itself.

And corn, how can we not give him corn?

Oh no! Caught in the act. This mami people want to eat also cannot!

Finally, A very happy boy!


  1. Joanne said...

    Wow, lil J really enjoy the ice cream very much! Eh, send his pic to Baskin Robin or Hagan Daaz! He loves corn very much ya! But when he poo, u will see some corn in his poo, right?

  2. Lemonjude said...

    wow, more and more dslr pic coming up. It is definitely nice and sharp picture there.

    Good that J is learning to scoop nicely now.

    Pls collect this sweet award.

  3. Annie Q said...

    ice cream...drool...
    Jayden njoy his food very much!

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