I Need a Holiday!


I need to go holiday. My back is aching. My eyes are blurry. My head is spinning. Maybe too much sitting right in front of the big screen. Maybe not enough rest. Maybe I'm just knackered. I felt like I wanna pull my head, my legs, my hands and lie it flat on the ground.

Okay. I'm exaggerating. But I'm really tired. Super tired.

So I seriously need a holiday. Hubby was asking this morning. Should we go here? Should we go there? Hey, I want to go for a holiday. But don't ask me to plan anything okay. I'm not only tired, I am super lazy as well.

So babe, can you please hire a trip planner for us? Then we can just pack our bags and go where ever she/he has planned for us. I think it would be more exciting for us to go somewhere without knowing what is in store for us. Ahaks!

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