Wyeth Careline

A customer service lady from Wyeth just called me and informed me that they have a new careline for Wyeth members. Apparently they got my contact when I sent my son for a jab at his paed. So this lady (forgot her name !) was very nice. She told me that I can call the :

toll-free careline at 1-800-88-55-26
Monday to Friday
9am - pm

to ask anything regarding my kid(s).

We chatted for a while and she asked me about my future plan for no.2. I told her it's on the way already and she was thrilled and asked me about my breastfeeding plan. I told her I will try my best to breastfeed. She said you cannot say TRY. You must say you MUST! *sweating*

And she asked me about my plan after birth. I told her I will stay home and she told me be prepared for a mental time cos its not easy to juggle between taking care of 2 kids and housechores *sweating* Anyway, iI can call the careline and chat with them just to release stress cos she knows that its very stressful being a SAHM.

Okay at least I know when no one is listening/looking in my blog, I can call the careline and talk to someone.


How do you like my little zebra T-shirt? The entire collection costs me just RM 20.30 compared to the T-shirt I saw that was selling in Parkson for RM35.00 one. But what I like the most is that both my kids can wear them together and I made it myself. :)

I have graduated from Degree In Business Studies, majored in Marketing. Now, I'm in designing. I'm looking at my MAC screen like for a minimum of 7 hours, with my fingers on the mouse for at least 6 hours. And not to mention my eyes....my eyes are so tired!

And then I turn over to the IT guy and he's smiling at his working place. He's earning much more than me, and yet he's enjoying his work. That's the difference between us two. That's because there's so much for him to learn and so much more for him in the future. Of course he will have his headache time where he needs to work overnight to solve some issues but he gets so excited about it and you can see that he's overjoyed when he managed to work things out. The expression was like a new father who waited so long for the birth of his son!

He had just announced that he's moving on to another company, with at least 100% increment to his current salary and he will be holding a managerial position. The application for the position was smooth and he joked and said "it must be the Cisco training that I've attended!". He probably was bragging about the pay but who knows, he might not be lying. Opportunities are everywhere especially when you're in IT line, because IT grows everyday and it has constant changes and need people like him who knows how to upgrade himself with brand new learning everyday.

If only I'm in IT line and have a Cisco certification.....*sigh*

Sponsored by Cisco

Online Flower Shop

My colleague got hospitalized the other day and since it was a last minute thing (and I hate to google and look for other resources), I picked up my phone and called Yenjai. His wife, Grace owns an online flower shop and without knowing what she sent over, I said "yeah, please keep it within my budget and make sure it's nice, okay?"

And later she sent me a picture and it was simply gorgeous, exactly like what I have in mind!

Not bad eh? And then my colleague sent me an sms and told me she liked it alot, although few days before she was hospitalized she told me she rather get money than flowers from her boyfriend. Well, I wont give her money cos it's not CNY now and plus I believe everyone deserves to get flowers once in a while especially when we're under the weather.

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