Saturday Family Gathering

Anyone wanna advertise?


Picture taken by a 9 year old boy. So, you see. Handling DSLR is not that hard. Even a 9 year old boy can do it. And its light. I mean my Nikon D40 la. But I heard that D80 is heavy. But the pictures are much much nicer.


  1. mott said...

    wah...dahaga?....minumla YEO'S!

  2. moby said...

    9 year old boy can take such a nice photo. Impressive!

  3. raggedyanne said...

    hihi our babes like to advertise their beverage of choice hor?

  4. mama bok said...

    Great picture..!

  5. Mommy to Chumsy said...

    that's a lovely photo of you and lil J :D

  6. adrian said...

    I know u're happy but becareful how u hold the little guy leh. (as in the second pic). :P

    *quickly runs away*

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