Okay, it is the time of the year again. Time for me to select the best web hosting company to assist me with my domain. I know..I know... I'm just being anal about choosing the right company. Actually, I can just close my eyes and just pick one and that's it. It will save my time and effort in choosing the right one. It's not like I am choosing a soul mate or something. Right???

But, since it's my hard earn money and I got to work so hard for it, why not choose the best one and have a smooth sailing year without any problem with my domain? I have heard stories from my other friends about problems with the domains and so on. They're so stressed out! I don't want to be in the same shoes with them. I want a perfect, care free domain, user friendly and let's say if there's something wrong with it, I want someone to be on standby mode to guide me. That's my criteria for the best web hosting.


Lady O just received a call saying that she need to pay so and so amount of loan. She was shocked! She said that she thought she will make some money after she remortgaged her house. Then she recalculated and she realized that she made a mistake. A BIG MISTAKE! She missed the special terms and conditions of the existing mortgage. Therefore, now she need to pay more than what she expect to pay. *evil laugh*

You see, before you remortgage your house or whatever, you need to read the terms and condition of your current mortgage to avoid being in situation like this. Otherwise, instead of getting out of problem, you will end up being in more problem.

So my smart readers, please read the terms and conditions and also get Mortgage quotes before you decide ok?

Insurance Is Very Important

When Jayden got admitted into hospital a year ago for fever viral, we were so worried. Not only we're worried about his health condition but also worried about the hospital charges. Well, blame it on Big C. I told him about buying insurance for Lil J long time ago but he just brushed the idea off every single time! So when the time came, he regretted that we did not get Lil J covered with insurance. That really taught him a lesson! As soon as Lil J got out from the hospital, he immediately contacted the insurance agent and ask for quotes off different packages!

Few days later, the insurance agent came back with so many different quotes. At that moment, we had a headache trying to pick which was more suitable for Lil J. At last we picked the general health insurance for the entire family. According to the agent, we can even have car insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, home insurance and many many more.

Wow! That's a whole lot of different insurance to choose from. Anyway, its good to get our valuable items insured because the world have changed. It is no longer a safe place like it used to be 10 years ago. Since we have a choice to get things insured, why not? It's always good to prevent rather than cure, right?

Domain Registration

My domain is expiring soon and I am thinking to renew it. So I have been looking around and it seems like its quite expensive to maintain a website now. Thank GOD I found this website that offers pay less domain registration.  That is a super good news!! It means that I don't have to pay more for my expired domain! And now, they have a list of FREE services if I sign up now. The free service includes Free Email Hosting, Free Domain Name Parking, 24/7 Customer Support, Free Management Tools and many more.

For those who wants to have an online store, you can even sign up for an online store. Register here and you can try it for free for a limited time only. Maybe I should sign up for an online store and start my own online business since my job is really unstable and my boss is driving me crazy now! *thinking*

Alah....Malu nye...

A few hours ago, our warehouse staff walked up and said "WAH GOT BIRTHDAY PRESENT!" and he passed to Lady O.

Lady O was gleeming, so happy.

Then the rest said "WAH WINNIE THE POOH SAMO!" her smile got bigger and bigger.

Then her facial expression changed. This is SASHA'S WAN LA!

NGEK NGEK NGEK......Malu NYe...

The parcel is from Mott for J's birthday..

You say...malu or not?


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