My niece is here for the holidays. Normally she would hog the tv and record every cartoon on tv and watched it over and over again. Plus, what I dislike the most is my Maid would pretend to look after Jayden And Justin but her eyes are focused on the tv the entire day.

So I went and searched for Maths Homework for her. Muahahhaha I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND this website. Comes with worksheet and ANSWERS! woohoooo!

So its homework for my niece and maid is back to work. Evil? muahaha I never say I am nice. :P

Loving Internet More

You know, internet is making everybody's life easier and easier each day. Just today, I found a new website, Shopwiki- a website that provides you everything you need from High Definition Tvs, DVD players, DVD Camcorders and also Home Theatre Systems . Prices for each items are listed and you can compare the prices and even choose where you want to buy it from, all under a single website. So there is absolutely no reason for you to go running around comparing prices- saves you time and effort! Isn't that nice?

I was at Jayden's concert and his GF asked me.. "Aunty aunty.. you see my shoes so nice? Take picture?"

So here it is.


Quiet nice also hor?

I saw these in Little Star Kid's boutique and I find it so damn cute! I totally lost touch with girlie stuff cos all I see is boy stuff. Ai.. to buy or not to buy.. Very the pokai edi.

Pink for Jayden and blue for Justin. How about that... think first.

(links are for own future reference)

Shop Shop Shopping!

More shopping site for kids stuff!

Just ordered this from Cassey Boutique.

With a tint of sephia. Lesson can be found here.

This is what you call "my world is made up of these 2 guys"...


This photoshop effect can be found here.

Half Tone Effect

I gotto find a place to place the sample pictures and the tricks I have learnt online. Easier to find!

Cool tutorial about halftone effect can be found here!

Found this in the advert booklet and I thought I ought to share it with you guys.

Date: 25/6/09 - 5/7/09

Time: 9am - 7pm daily

Location: No34 Jalan Meranti Jaya 10, Meranti Jaya Ind. Park, 47120 Puchong, Selangor. (for map click the image)

something as simple as this can make the kiddo eat 2 bowls of porridge.


Porridge boiled with chicken stock, with hard boiled egg yolk and pureed spinach, brocolli and sweet peas.

Why not eh?


For me I just like to see the smily face.

Yeap! My yakult lady comes to my house every Tuesday. How about yours?

Siu Yoke Sutra!

Siu Yoke 1
In the Oven! Very smoky when cooking this!

Siu Yoke 2
Straight out from the oven

Siu Yoke 3
Side view

Siu Yoke 5
Another side view

Siu Yoke 6
I know..I am mental! Another side view!

Siu Yoke 4
Top View!

Siu Yoke 7


Tiny one...

Red Okra!

The tiny pot

The murderer helper

And other plants...

And my lil cacat choy sum...

No. I'm not pregnant. I was using my old laptop and found some confinement food recipe and thought why not share it with other people. So here it is:

1.2L Chicken Stock
50g old ginger smashed
40g chopped chicken
20 red dates
12 chinese mushroom soaked
splash of white rice wine (bai mi jiu)
salt to taste

1. Bring chicken stock to a boil
2. Add the rest of the ingredients.
3. Lower the fire and simmer for 15minutes.
4. Transfer soup into a herbal pot or slow cooker.
5. Steam or slow cook for 2 hours.
6. Add salt to taste.

Okay now i can delete one file from my laptop. Too many things inside already!

Dad's Workshop

I sent my D40 for servicing last week. They started to charge for servicing fees RM40 for models D300 and below. So while waiting for my sister to come and join me for breakfast, I snapped some pictures in my dad's workshop.

My dad operates a car workshop.

I have spent my earlier days as a kiddo in this workshop cos my mum refused to let me stay home. It was considered more dangerous to stay home that time because I had a drug addict uncle staying in the same house.

Well human change. He changed. I changed. Everyone changed. Except the workshop.

Then I saw this sign...

haha they improved edi. No more hutangs!

Oh Cherries....

The lil flower bud...

Opppsss wrongly focused to the back of the flower...

my 2 lil cherries... turning red soon.

Oh please turn red faster so I can taste how sweet or sour you are!


*smell* *smell* *smell some more*

That's what I do when i go to the departmental store , perfume section. I used to love perfume but now I hardly use it. It's been a long time since my last purchase. I used to spray a lil' everyday when I was working in the office. A lil' is a must on the wrist, neck and errrr the cleavage. Anyway its hard for me to buy perfumes because I am quite picky when it comes to Scent. I love flowery scents but not too sweet like Lolita Lempika's. Can't stand that smell! You see I have sensitive nose and sometimes I cannot smell anything. So when the nose is in the "good mood" I make sure that my nose is sniffing something nice.

Call For Pork

Okay this post is actually for myself cos I'm so sick of loosing papers and contact infos. So i thought the best way to keep the contact is through scanning it and post it up here and share with those that would like to call and order pork. Only for those that is staying in Taman Megah, Damansara Jaya and TTDI. Geezzz.. I don't stay in that 3 places. Gotto call and check with them if they send to my housing area or not.


I was busy carrying Jayden in Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi and he was blocking my view so there's no way that I can continue to snap pictures. I like to kneel down, tilt and do whatever just to get a clear shot at things. So what happened was, my second sister took over my dslr camera and she shot this. Not bad for a first timer. And what surprised me was she used the manual focusing. *blink blink* Really surprised me. I have been using dslr since .... I forgot when and I have never used manual focusing before. Probably that's why my pictures is not that err...nice.

Anyway, this picture was uploaded in, a new website for you to share your pictures regardless whether you have taken it from your dslr or just your normal cellphone cameras. Now you have another option to upload and share your pictures online be it about funny signboards you find around you or just to share your happenings in life. And I just read that even armatures can have the opportunity to join the Photo Contest. Hey, sometimes armatures take nicer photographs than professionals. I mean everyone has their own capabilities and skills. You just got to start some where some how. You know what I mean?




I love this picture. Taken with my niece in Japanese Garden in Bukit Tinggi.

Imagine her legs are nearly the same size as mine.

I still remember her tiny legs when I first saw her on the day that she was born.

And how she started to crawl.

And how she started to walk with her loose nappy and 2 coconut tree hairstyle.

And now she is 10 this year.

Time flies.







Photoshop can do wonders!

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