Mochi Ice Cream


Oooooo...this is my favourite ice cream. This pack costs me Rm16.90 for 9 lil mochis and you can only find it in Jusco, that's if they have stocks.

I remember when I was in primary school, I used to save up a few days allowance just to buy this. It costs me Rm1.50 for 2 big mochi balls. Too bad they don't produce them that way anymore. Sometimes, if my sister is in the mood for it, we'll share. but they don't produce the small packs no more. Now it's smaller and cost so much more. Everything is so expensive now!

To Nic or Not

I am currently taking Fenugreek pills from GNC to increase my breast milk production. And I have seen from forums and blogs that raw fenugreek can be used too. So I went to the hypermarkets and supermarkets to look for fenugreek and it was written in Bahasa and I have no idea how it looks like. Yeah i know, I'm stupid enough not to google and see how it looks like. Finally I managed to find fenugreek from the organic shop. I thought to myself "Hey...very cheap compared to the GNC pills. For a pack it's only RM5. So I happily bought 4 packs and went home.

And the other day.. i saw fenugreek in Carrefour and Jusco. For a pack it only costs me RM0.60. BUT it's not ORGANIC you see. So you see the big difference? RM5 vs RM0.60! That's like how many times more????

Sometimes I wonder whether it is better to go NIC-organic or just the normal way. Hey, my grandparents been taking all the non organic food and they live till they're about 90. So if I were to take organic food , do you think I will live longer and healthier?

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