My niece is here for the holidays. Normally she would hog the tv and record every cartoon on tv and watched it over and over again. Plus, what I dislike the most is my Maid would pretend to look after Jayden And Justin but her eyes are focused on the tv the entire day.

So I went and searched for Maths Homework for her. Muahahhaha I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND this website. Comes with worksheet and ANSWERS! woohoooo!

So its homework for my niece and maid is back to work. Evil? muahaha I never say I am nice. :P

Loving Internet More

You know, internet is making everybody's life easier and easier each day. Just today, I found a new website, Shopwiki- a website that provides you everything you need from High Definition Tvs, DVD players, DVD Camcorders and also Home Theatre Systems . Prices for each items are listed and you can compare the prices and even choose where you want to buy it from, all under a single website. So there is absolutely no reason for you to go running around comparing prices- saves you time and effort! Isn't that nice?

I was at Jayden's concert and his GF asked me.. "Aunty aunty.. you see my shoes so nice? Take picture?"

So here it is.


Quiet nice also hor?

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