Fun Weekend!

His favourite 2S : Slide and Spoon!


Not a sharp one but i love his expression. Behind him is his friend from the same babysitter. What a coincident!

Yes, I have a very wide and big mouth!

Round and Round!


Okay enough dizzy already!


  1. Annie Q said...

    Nice picture!!!!! And it is so clear.

  2. Joanne said...

    nice pics and nice model! What brand is the dslr huh? the pic so sharp and nice..ok ok , maybe it's the phographer's skill huh!

  3. etceteramommy said...

    Wowow.. agree agree. Very sharp and clear. You caught the expression real well!

  4. mama bok said...

    Love the pictures..! donch worry about what ppl say or think.. ! you know you are the best.. :)

  5. mom2ashley said...

    great pictures. The colours are so vivid! hey in the fourth picture, the boy behind like ah pek la...with the specs and one leg up...

  6. shooi said...

    Ei...I just noticed Jayden's pants. Really same as the one Bryan has la :D

  7. anywhere_Smile said...

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