Camwhoring with my D40.


  1. Hor ny Ang Moh said...

    Wah laueh!! U look like a flem star! U take very good pic now! So a good camera does made all the different! I am sure if I got a good camera I will look like Lee Hong instead of an orang utan!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Annie Q said...

    wei..very very nice picture!! So next time can be our photographer liao huh? hehehehe
    Good invest!

  3. Anggie's journel said...

    so leng lui la.... good shoot !!

  4. Joanne said...

    wah, i see a leng lui in the pic!!!

  5. ShannonC. said...

    how come my comment hilang?
    n'way, i said the pic is nice
    and ask how did u take it
    timer ar?

  6. raggedyanne said...

    and camwhore u did with a smokin' pose! yowza! can get nosebleed like this u know!

  7. kiasumum said...

    ppweeiitttt.... kam leng lui geh!!!!

  8. E said...


    you are one HOT chick!!

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