Magnetic Weight Loss?

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I took this pic when I was in Midvalley last Tuesday. It was a public holiday for Selangor and its near to Christmas. Every year Midvalley will have the most beautiful decoration ever! This year, the theme was Fairy something something, forgotten what is the theme already! Boy, I am getting old fast.

Anyway, I was busy snapping pics of J and suddenly I saw her sleeping...what else? I took a picture of her. She was fast zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Get your own domain.

Since the drop of PR rank for bloggers, many were disappointed. Most of them without own domain were badly affected by the PR being demoted and some totally stopped writting for money. Some are still safe to continue to write for money because some of the opportunities were given to bloggers with own domain.

Anyway, it's always better to have own domain. Since it was named the way you wanted it, it is more personalized. And don't forget, you have higher chances to get opportunities. But then, there's too many choices out there. Which web hosting company to choose from? That's when comes handy for all to use. It is a web hosting directory where you can search for the suitable web hosting company according to your budget and preferences. It's dirt cheap to own a domain now, so why wait and see the opportunities going to other people and not you? Get your own domain now!

New Toy

For us (Big C and I). Big C bought new lense for our new toy. He got it cheap cos it was a 2nd hand item. Since we're only using it to play play so no point buying brand new la since the wife is going to koyakkan the lense soon.

This is what he took with the new lense.

So, what is this new lense called? I have no freaking idea. I only know how to use it. Hahahahhahahahahah but i took pic of it la.


Yo! Yo!

I have a cousin who loveesssssss Hip Hop. He even says Yo!Yo! Wassup!Wassup! when he talks to me. Ticks me off sometimes. But my son finds it funny. Maybe he speaks like that too. *LOL*

Anyway, I don't have anything to give him for this Christmas except Hip Hop Ringtones. Hey, it is not a cheapskate gift okay? It's something money can't buy. I took the trouble to browse through the HipHop News and go through one by one you know. It takes time!

*nosy mode* And you know what? you can even read news about the Hip Hop artist here. Okay I know I'm going out of topic here but Jay Z is heading out as def jam pres? I have no idea what it is all about but I'm going to check it out. At least when my cousin YoYo's me, and talk about HipHop stuff, I know what he is talking about! *lol*

So Jealous Of You Eric!

Hey Eric, I heard that you're going to a few places this year end!I'm so jealous! Since you're busy, I have searched some information for you. *I know , I'm so nosy!*

¡recepción a España! That's what the receptionist in hoteles en españa will say to you when you stepped into the hotel. Look forward to eat tapas at the restaurant and do nothing at all, just sit and relax and also look forward for the bullfighting, the most awaited event in Spain!

Make sure that you're full eating tapas and then you can go to Barcelona to check out the Zoo in Parc Ciutadella. Remember to visit Gaudi's architecture too. I heard that it's simply a great site to snap pictures with your new DSLR. Get a good night sleep in hoteles en barcelona.

Remember to drop by hoteles en madrid. Okay, although Beckham doesn't stay in Madrid anymore there's still alot to see and eat. I heard the Madrid Cuisine suits everyone's taste. Try it. Remember to snap pic again okay?

And your last destination, Paris. Ah.......Juste ne l'aimez-vous pas ? That means Don't You Just Love It In french. Who doesn't love Paris and its hoteles en paris. Simply amazing and romantic! Remember to go up the Eiffel Tower and yes, snap picture again. You won't get chances like this everyday you know?

Okay Have fun there!


I love it! Don't you?
I don't know whether its the colour or Jayden that makes the calendar so nice.
Or maybe cos I used Mosaic Maker to do it and it's so easy.
Cant wait to make my own January Calendar soon.

New Room For Jayden

Jayden fell from his play pen the other day. He fell head down first and he cried like mad. Poor boy. But I was hoping that he knows his mistake and will learn from it. No. he did it again last night. So, I moved him down to the floor and let him sleep on the matress for the night. This coming holiday we will be staying at home cleaning our second room and turn it into his little room.

The bed is already here. But other furniture like the cabinet, book storage, toys storage area is still in our room. Soon we need to move some Living room furniture in and some furniture out. I might even buy him a small corner sofa so that we can snuggle together while reading him a book. What do you think?

I think it should be very cute and I think he will love his own bedroom very much. Can't wait!


I is going to die. I really dunno what is wrong with both my bosses brain. Call me yesterday and asked me to stop doing whatever I am doing which is already alot for myself. And deadline is around the corner. And then they gave me a new project and its super URGENT. And asked me to find the cutest picture ever. And I did and this morning they changes their mind and asked me to use damn FURRY CAT. How on earth am i going to crop the blardy cat's fur? He said he knows how to do it in photoshop but he forgot. Eh say and no say, no difference Okay? Dammit! And now I'm squeezing my brain trying to figure out how to crop the fur!
I HATE CATS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charter Air Ambulance

Personally, I feel that internet is the best invention ever. With the existence of internet, obtaining information has never been easier. One can get so much information with just a few clicks of a mouse. While browsing the net, I chanced upon a website where we can find charter air ambulance services. Isn’t that cool? specializes in medical flights. Just what is air ambulance? Well, it is actually an airplane which transport patients with nurses and paramedics on board during emergency situations. These airplanes have been modified and equipped with medical equipment. A good example is like a mini version of ER inside a private plane. All their aircrafts are approved by the FAA for air ambulance with life support equipment on board. Their medical team onboard the air ambulance are trained in flight physiology. A doctor can also be arranged to be onboard with the patients. has more than 21 years of experience and their clients include social workers, senators, governors and US Marshall Service. They have gained the trusts of hospitals across the globe and their reputation has earned them repeat customers. Another great news is that also offers international air ambulance charter.

If you want to know more about this awesome charter air ambulance, do visit today. Their support is available 24/7 at 1-800-827-0745 or you can get a quote by filling up an online form at their website.


That's the wedding theme for my good friend's wedding. She planned her wedding very well. Very proud of her. She's a big girl now, ahem I mean woman now. Wishing her Everlasting Love and Happiness with Her hub Andri.


Love the stage!

The stage from the front view.

The wedding cake taken from the bottom of the stage.

My hands were shaking when I took this pic cos I was up on stage and everyone is looking at me. *paiseh* That's why not much picture to show. All very shaky pics...Disappointing!

Gimme Gimme Gimme more!!

I was singing Britney Spears "Gimme Gimme Gimme MORE!" when I clicked the virtual dice just now while playing Rouletter in bet365 just now. The adrenalin was pumping like mad just to see the results. I think I'm getting hooked. Then my husband walked in. He asked me what was the "noise" all about. "Eh, what noise are you talking about. I was playing Roulette here!" and guess what ? He said " Okay, let me see". And that was it. My laptop was hijacked from me right in front of me.

Nevermind, let him have his fun. Furthermore, he has good luck charm with him when he gambles. With all in one wallet system, the money won is going into my wallet and not his! *evil laugh* He can go on and play his online football games,online poker, Bingo, Hi Lo and whatever he likes....just as long as he doesn't loose my money...otherwise I'm so going to....*crack knuckles*



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Looking for HDTVs?

I am those people that won't look up and down just for a little saving. But my husband is different. He will search and search and search ( I can go on and on here but I won't) north, south, east and west just to look for a a little bargain and saving.

Come on babe, I'm tired of going around just to look for one HDTV! Can't we just settle it by going to one single place and just buy it? Or why not just log on to and search for whatever you're looking for and you can even view the promotion price or the best price that you like. Some are new and some are factory refurbished, over stocks and end of life HDTVs or related products. We can even buy one used one to put in our dining hall. That's nice...

Plus, you can even receive the Great Deal of The Day and any other bargains via email and RSS feed. Isn't that more convenient and fuel saving? Plus, we can do it at the comfort in our own house, while sitting down. Right?


This is my latest project. I'm working on some materials for Chinese New Year. So I went Mandarin Orange hunting last night in SS2 Pasar Malam. Cost me RM3.30 to buy a few just to snap pics. Why not eat it? Cos I'm sick! That's why. Can see but cannot eat. What a turn off! Let me check out the rest of the pics and maybe more mandarin oranges will be posted. What a boring pic!

New House For Me?


We went to check out a new house the other day. Hub suddenly want to look at new houses. He indicated that our house is just too small. Hey, there's only the 3 of us and 2 dogs. Hmmm come to think of it, our house now is pretty small and cramp for the 5 of us.

But I am so scared of moving. I just wish that the new house will have everything new. Just move in like a hotel and stay there. How nice. But seriously, I like to have new bed. Our bed is already 4 years old and come to think of it the design is just so old fashion! white bedroom furniture will be nice...

Next, our sofa need to go. This time, no more soft colours like beige and white. It is so hard to clean!!! Anyway it is time to change it already because the new house measurement might differ and our current sofa might not fit nicely in the living room.

YAY! New house with new furniture. So nice!!!

Okay, I'm dreaming too far now. We're just looking at the new house. Might not buy it anyway. *sigh*

Boy Boy


That's what Sonny calls his schnauzer. He loved the scrap that I did for Jayden so he asked me to help him to do one for his dog. Haha my list of models is going beyond human now. Maybe I will be scrapping building or food one day. Depend.....if I have the mood and time. :)

Eh by the way, the Schnauzer is wearing Burberry T? Lucky dog! Or izit a fake? Hmmmmm Anyway boy boy IS a lucky dog to have Sonny to love him so dearly.

Make Up Your Mind!

Babe, we need to decide where we want to go for our year end holiday you know? It's already November now. Otherwise we won't be able to get our tickets and place to stay. First we need to decide where we want to go. You need to settle the places where we want to go and I'll search for nice hotels to stay.

London would be a nice place. I don't need to stay in 5 star London Hotels. What we need is just a plain and simple 1 Star hotel will do like the Earls Court Garden Hotel that charges just GBP25 per night. I heard that they have planned a major Christmas celebration. Its should be a major event.

If not London, then why not Paris? Paris Hotels are cheap too. Best Western Parc Des Expositions Hotel Malakoff is just few minutes away from the town area. That will be easy for us to travel around, right? Then you can show me the Eiffel tower for real this time instead of just telling and asking me to imagine how nice it is to be up there.

Since Berlin is just nearby, why not drop by there to visit my cousin who's there for 2 years already. I am sure she can bring us around. But her apartment is just too small for the 3 of us, plus she is staying with her house mates. Berlin hotels such as the Am Savignyplatz Hotel-Pension Berlin, a plain 2 star hotel seems cheap and good. We can go and visit the famous Berlin wall?

If you don't want to go to Berlin then why not Barcelona? I heard that Barcelona is a great place. Plus *whisper* the Barcelona Hotels are nice and cheap! Then we can go and see the No.1 Barcelona Tourist Attraction, Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi.

Okay, why am I emphasizing the hotels? Because we are traveling with a toddler,that's why! We need to find a place for him to sleep and eat proper food! So make up your mind now! I need to book the hotels already!

Ship My Car

My blogger friend just told me that he used to stay in overseas. And since he love his car so much, he decided to ship his car over!!! Oh man! I think he's crazy. If it was me, I will just sell the car and get a new one here. But he told me that the car means a lot to him and it was a gift from his dad who passed away recently.

Okay, since it has sentimental value then I think it is okay to ship it over, with a minimum cost. He told me that it doesn't cost that much since he is using auto transport for his car shipping service. international car shipping services nowaday are so efficient and not so costly. He can even track his car movement, day to day. Just to make sure that the car is coming towards him and not towards some other people's garage. Maybe I can consider shipping my car over when I migrate. That's IF I were to migrate!

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