Flowers and Leaves.

It was raining like cats and dogs yesterday. I reached home early and thought that I should play with my dslr first before picking up my prince. So I grabbed my camera and thought that I can snap some rain drops. But it stopped raining heavily and it was drizzling. No luck. So I took some other things instead.



Apa Macam?


  1. etceteramommy said...

    Cantik lor... sharp and clear. U use the standard lense or did Big C buy you a special portrait lense as well?

  2. ShannonC. said...

    The way you focus the part and put it at the corner of the photo makes it even nicer... hahaha
    just my 2 cents. :D

  3. kerry said...

    I like the leaves... So nicely done.. I've got a food tag for you,

  4. janicepa said...

    wah... so darn clear..

  5. Nadia said...

    Awesome shots! :) Main the toy puas-puas.. haha!

  6. Lemonjude said...

    Good try.

  7. Joanne said...

    Wow, nice pic. So this new toy will keep you busy for at least a week huh! Take a close pic of Bobo and Cha Cha and show us lah!

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