My Scraps

I have just updated my slide on my scraps for my blogger friends.

Some of my models were :
Jaclyn's Scot & Sean
Annie's Fearles and Cruz
Joneh & JPPMOM's Preston and Presley
Barbara's Ashley
Eva's Calista
Tracy's Granddaughter Charmaine
Sandee's Aidan
Vien's Belle
Jan's Chloe
Judy's Terry
Jane's TongTong
Amy's Isabelle

Thanks again for being my model!

Loving Him...


You know the chinese saying? When you hate someone, even by looking at his back view is good enough to hate him as though like you're looking at him from the front.

Well, I don't know that it applies to love to. Looking at his back view is as good as looking at him from the front view.

Ah.....i really love him alot!

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Coupon Chief Is Here!

It is time to be jolly la la la la *sings in christmas tune*! It's year end and it's holiday season again. That's the good news. The bad news is, I'm going to burn some holes in my wallet.

No worries! Coupon Chief is here! Coupon chief is like Santa Clause whole year round! Get discount coupons and price off when you shop with Coupon Chief.

Personally I would like to get the David's Cookies coupon for my relatives. I mean, its holiday season and there are sure open houses and family gathering. The last thing on a person mind is to stay at home and bake a cheese cake right? I think that should be a nice gift and probably its a Saviour too!

I know someone will be jumping up and down and I buy him the Swiss Army Watch that he was hoping to get! I will only buy him that if I have the Swiss Outpost coupon . Otherwise he can wait for years and years!

Okay, time to get something for myself now. Let me have a look at what coupon chief has to offer today and get myself something nice and rewarding for working so hard this year! Merry Christmas everyone!


It's a marketing term called Gift-With-Purchase. See what we got from our Ice Cream's GWP?




You might be wondering how come there's pressie under the ice cream? There's 2 container stacking on each other and the GWP are placed on lower container.

Children eat, mother snap picture. Value for money! Haha

It's holiday season again!

Its year end again and its time to be jolly! Holiday is round the corner *sings in Christmas tune* Ahh.....all the saved leave are waiting to be spent by going top far far away places, far away from work and home where the headache normally occurs. Hubby is planning for holiday for the 3 of us. But we have a problem on selecting a place and securing a place to stay since it's year end where everyone is away having holiday all over the world.

But seriously, I love to go to London. Hubs been there once and he told me it's a nice place and the old buildings are just so magnificent especially the Hotels In London.

Manchester will be another nice spot to go to. But since it's a last minute kind of preparation, Hotels in Manchester might not be available. Luckily there's Britannia Airport Hotel Machester who offers last minute room booking. And not forgetting the price which is so affordable for a 2 star hotel.

Birmingham is our next destination. Look at the breath taking hotel situated just right next to the pier. A plain 2 star hotel at 35 GBP is just the right price for us. I mean, we don't need a posh and luxurious Hotel In Birmingham to stay because our main intention is to visit Birmingham and not sleep in the room only, if you know what I mean.

Wow, I'm getting too excited already. Need to plan the rest of the journey and start counting my budget now. Bye for now!


My Flawer....

Nanny's Flawer...

Nanny's chrysanthemum flawer...

Save Money!

Who doesn't like to save money? I know I would and will look high and low to save some money whenever I can. When you buy something (for example a laptop), of course you would look for the best price and the best quality, right? Well, let me tell you something. At Save Buckets, you will save a whole load of money. Search for the product that you intend to buy and compare prices between the shops. It's listed, made for your convenience! Check it out today!

Stripes for my room!

You know. Sometimes you walk and walk and walk around the shopping complex to look for that one special bedding set. But you just can't find the suitable one. Or perhaps your taste is too different from anyone elses. So that makes it double hard to look for one!

So, if you have unique taste and liking maybe you should consider a customised or personalised bedding sheet just for yourself?

Like me, I like things which are different and unique. That is why my husband is so scared and worried everytime I go for shopping. This is because I want to be different. To save some time, I got myself customised Cowboy Bedding set through

Ahh...can't wait to roll on it when I have spread it on my bed.

I Need a Holiday!


I need to go holiday. My back is aching. My eyes are blurry. My head is spinning. Maybe too much sitting right in front of the big screen. Maybe not enough rest. Maybe I'm just knackered. I felt like I wanna pull my head, my legs, my hands and lie it flat on the ground.

Okay. I'm exaggerating. But I'm really tired. Super tired.

So I seriously need a holiday. Hubby was asking this morning. Should we go here? Should we go there? Hey, I want to go for a holiday. But don't ask me to plan anything okay. I'm not only tired, I am super lazy as well.

So babe, can you please hire a trip planner for us? Then we can just pack our bags and go where ever she/he has planned for us. I think it would be more exciting for us to go somewhere without knowing what is in store for us. Ahaks!

I scrap again!


I just love his "carefree" look!

So happy....

So free....

No worries...


Digital Frame!

Forget the conventional and old fashion (oh no, Mott is going to kill me for saying this!). Now there's new way to store your most precious pictures. Use digital picture frame to store your pictures. See the selected pictures being displayed in slide form and you can even add sound such as music to it.

Imagine displaying your wedding pictures. Your picture of you leaving your house in that wedding car which you have rented at very expensive price (that, you got to remember for life). The moment you cut the cake. The moment your husband pop the cork off the champagne bottle and your honeymoon while your wedding music is playing at the background. Isn't that lovely? Also you can play the short video's you have shot that day. Remember the uncle that got drunk and started vomiting at your guests? Now, that's a memory that you need to keep and watch it once in a while with your digital picture frame.


Barbara's version of grass!


I won't mind eating grass like this everyday. So Yummylicious!
Okay, I poisoned myself. I'm really hungry now.

She need lights!

Okay. Now that she has ordered the furniture for the bedrooms, the dining hall and the living hall, she need to look at lighting. In fact lighting should be the first factor that you should pay attention to when you have purchased a house. Again, she had asked me to give her some feedback. Hey, its not my house you know. She should be the one making the decision. Probably she's just plain lazy to decide anything. So I told her to get some hinkley light fixtures for the dining hall its just so elegant to light it up when you have guests coming over for dinner. Next she should get some forecast lighting for her rooms. The george kovacs lamps is not bad for the living room. Some of the designs are very elegant and unique. It brings it up the entire room if the room is simple and nice. Adding a piece of nice lamp like this will brightens up and the entire room will look simple and elegant. No other decorations are needed.

I hope she can choose some lightings and settle her house as soon as possible because Christmas is just around the corner. Otherwise she won't be able to move in in time and decorate her Chrismas tree!


Yeah Again. Need to Scrap before the bosses come and kacau me next week. *sigh*


Eh this one ah..i scrapped using my working place's 20" mac. I gotto sit so far to scrap you know. Why can't they get me a smaller screen?

Eh but come to think of it, bigger better. You know why? Then no one can see me behind the screen. Muahahhahahahahaahha

We need a vacuum cleaner

With a toddler in our house, we need to pick up the toys, wipe the floor on and off because they will spill drinks and food on the floor and throw rubbish everywhere. I'm going mental just picking the toys up everyday! When ever J is at home the room looks like tornado has just came and gone. Gosh!

I know, I need to train him not pick his toys up. Probably we need some time to do that. In the time being, I need to clean the house fast. Because when he is home, I can''t do anything. So I need a good and reliable vacuum to suck all the dirt and rubbish fast.

Have you seen the Dyson vacuum cleaner? *drool* It's just too perfect to be just a vacuum cleaner.Light weight and able to reach high places. Just right for a shorty like me!

Okay I know I give all sorts of excuses just to buy one vacuum cleaner. So babe, pretty please buy me a Dyson Vacuum cleaner?

Teddy is smiling

Look at Jayden's Teddy. He lookes like he is smiling when we took this picture. Cute eh? We bought him [how do we know its a him? cos he belongs to Jayden.So let it be HIM first. When he is bigger proly he wants it to be a SHE also can. Muahahaha] from Osh Kosh at 29.90. What a deal!

New Furniture

My sis is moving to her new house soon. So she needs to get some new Furnitures.We went to a couple of furniture stores and guess what? She can't find any furniture that she likes. She said that she wanted the leather sofasFine! I told her. I had enough of walking around the stores with her. My foot is killing me. I asked her to go to the online store and get the Furniture Online.

So off she went clicking away and she took so long to choose. She said there's just too many to choose. I wonder when is she ever gonna make up her mind on what she wanted to choose. At least my foot are spared from the crazy walking!

Anyone wanna advertise?


Picture taken by a 9 year old boy. So, you see. Handling DSLR is not that hard. Even a 9 year old boy can do it. And its light. I mean my Nikon D40 la. But I heard that D80 is heavy. But the pictures are much much nicer.

Little Winnie

Winnie with normal shot, without flash.

Winnie in macro mode.

Orange Winnie in normal shot.

And orange Winnie in macro mode.

The two of them..

Know why I call them Little?
This is why!



Camwhoring with my D40.



What other word can you use to describe this?

Fun Weekend!

His favourite 2S : Slide and Spoon!


Not a sharp one but i love his expression. Behind him is his friend from the same babysitter. What a coincident!

Yes, I have a very wide and big mouth!

Round and Round!


Okay enough dizzy already!

I love to look at him eat.

Look how he pay attention scooping the ice cream?


Look at him eating the ice cream is better than eating ice cream itself.

And corn, how can we not give him corn?

Oh no! Caught in the act. This mami people want to eat also cannot!

Finally, A very happy boy!

Do you know what I mean?

With 4 buds sticking out.

and another few more...

and you look at it from the top view...

and the front view. And taddaaa! See my Cactus is "heart" shape!

Creepy Crawly



Hard to get rid of them!


went for makan makan just now. Hungry like mad. The camera also shaking like mad.

this one really shaky. Actually not sharp. But I just wanna piss Mott off! hahah

PAWN! I mean Prawn!


Yeah. Better scrap before I get busy next week. The MAC is here and i'm just waiting for the "fella" to install everything for me and I can start my work soon.:(

Annie's Fearles & Cruz

Barbara's Chumsy Ashley

And mine.

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