When I was staying in my mum's house. We used to hear the drywood termites chomping on the woods sound at night when it's silent and everyone is asleep. KRRRKKKK KRRRRKKK It was scary sound I'm telling you! Sometimes they will even make trails on the wood. It's so horrible!

And on and off my grandma will ask the so-called termite terminator to come and drill holes on the wall and spray something into it. I have no idea what it is and I don't think its working. I still hear the sound at night.

If only we have heard about http://www.killthetermites.com/ earlier. Then we won't have holes on the walls. The holes are everywhere and its so freaking ugly. And we could've save alot of money for fixing the problem once and for all.

And you know? My grandma still doesn't know that she was cheated by her so-called termite man friend. *sigh*


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