Banana Leaf Rice of course! Once in a month we'll go for Banana leaf rice. Either it's in Taman Tun's Sri Panndi or Old Town's Medan Selera Kavitha's. Sri Paandi is slightly more expensive but it's nearer to our house. But Kavitha's is so cheap and the food is very yummy! For us, it's a fixed menu. I'll go for the basic banana leaf rice and vege with curry chicken gravy and a fish cutlet while Big C will go for the fried fish! And that Papadam........*drool*

Okay, can't wait to go for next month's Banana Leaf Rice!


  1. Jasonmumbles said...

    I just had it for lunch today, twice in a row.

  2. mott said...




    Major drools man...... but there is one, near Tmn Petaling School also? is that the same one??? corner shop, crazy owner..

  3. adrian said...

    Ur favorite malaysian food? Really ah? A good hot nasi lemak cannot beat banana leaf rice?

    I just found this blog of urs and since it's just for memes, I tag u. ;)

  4. Estee Soo said...

    I also love banana leaf rice. Normally we got to Kanna curry house. Gotto eat it with my hands. slurp...slurp.

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