How to chase away Ind0n robbers

My neighbor's house got broken into about a month ago. A week later, another house. They even tried to go in to my friends house. Thank god, they didn't manage to get in to the room because my friend's sis was in the room at the back of the house. God knows what will happen.

When my friend came over she was shocked that the Ind*n robbers went into my neighbour's house and not mine. You see my neighbour house looked like those young single ppl who's renting house and we've fully renovated our house. So of course Big C checked out grills and all and nothing, not even a scratch. Then I remember, I did add "something" to protect ourself from bring robbed.

The fengshui master that came to my house before Jayden was born told me that my area fengshui are destined to have robbers who is our neighbour. My Neighbour are robbers? No...., apparently there are some Ind0ns staying near the river separating my neighbourhood and Bandar Utama. So he said, you must put "this" thing here *pointing at my back door* and cactus as big as the owner's palm in front of your gate.

These Ind*ns robbers uses JAMPI before they go into your house and rob you while you sleep soundly. Like my neighbour, he cannot hear a single sound and he woke up so surprised to find his wardrobe at the back of the house. So what is the "thing" that can break the spell?


You can use this canned luncheon meat or pig bones(the one you used for soup) and stuff it into a plant or something. The master said that Non-halal items can break the spell. So far so good. Just buy one and keep at the back door and eat it when it's about to expire and remember to buy and replenish stock ya.

Note: how we know that it's Ind0ns leh? Because my neighbour went to M@xis and canceled the line. In within few hours , they already made about RM400 calls back to Ind0nesia. That's why la....


  1. Judy said...

    Eh, 2 blogs ah? Wah, this is first I've heard of fengsui wor. Luncheon meat?

    The next time I buy luncheon meat, I will never look at it the same way again... :)

    Anyway, glad to hear that your house was not touched! All is safe.

  2. Oscar's Mommy said...

    wa... now i will be like judy... never to look at luncheon meat the same way again.. i always have a can at home... but stashed away in the cabinet... hubs like it with maggi mee...

  3. Vien said...

    wah, serious or not?!

  4. Hor ny Ang Moh said...

    Tq for the infor! Next time I will not give my dog pork leg bone! I will in fact hang it all over my house! Have a nice day!

  5. Desperate Mummy said...

    Wah ..... good idea! ok I will go n buy today coz I realise my place also got many break in.


  6. azmeen said...

    Another tip to avoid your handphone being used by the Ind0ns is to use a pig wallpaper.

    Sure way to avoid their mobomohs (mobile hacking bomohs)

  7. TheBlueRanger said...

    HAHAHAHAHAH! I'm sure the sales of luncheon meat will shoot up. Anyway, my hubby told me once that the 'piggy' thing will protect us from jampi.

  8. Annie Q said...

    hahahahaha...this is so funny..
    Eh..serious ka? Last weekend i just cook the luncheon meat fried need to go and replenish it!! And ask hub to get more soup bone back and hang all over at the back those Iban hang the head that they hunt on the doors.

  9. misha's mum said...

    ooh ok .. the luncheon meat also got other advantage ar :)

    noted .. and will do accordingly :)

  10. milkmaid said...

    I couldnt stop laughing when I saw the luncheon meat!!! R U SURE???? OMG!!! Like that I must buy 2 cans, 1 for front door and the other for back door.

  11. Sasha said...

    Judy: Yeah phew! luckily for us

    angie: yeah just put la

    Vien: serious. why i wanna bluff. ut i cannot guarantee. At least our hs not touched leh

    Hor ny Angmoh: Ok hang and make nice art ya

    eva:b yakah yr place also got? but apt where got belakang pintu wan?

    Azmeen: Haha where got such thing as bomoh handfone? U perli yeh?

    blueranger: correct!

    Annie: hahaha hang like the iban ppl then ppl think u guys murderer

    Misha's Mum: Yeah GO!

    MIlkmaid: Hahahaha put behind only la..outside put cactus.

  12. Health Freak Mommy said...

    This is hilarious and the first time I've heard of such a thing. Interesting!
    I've linked you in my blog. You link me too?

  13. anywhere_Smile said...

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