She love my Blog!

Thanks Sweetpea for loving my Sashablablabla! But then I gotto do my tag here, so please love this blog too ya!

For me I love their blog....

Chan Lilian
Ah Pek
Wokkingmum - I love yr creative food ideas!
Angeline - I still miss yr son's kisses....So smoochy!
Mumsgather - Still remember you teaching me how to make chic broth! Thank u!

So many to choose so little time and little MegaBytes in my brain to remember all!


  1. mumsgather said...

    Oh yah hor, I forgot about that adi. Wait ha, I teach you how to make cheater's chicken rice soon. Hehe.

  2. mumsgather said...

    Nah. Here is the chicken rice recipe. :)

  3. WokkingMum said...

    I didnt know about this blog! All about tags ah?

    Thanks for loving my food blog. ;)

  4. 麻辣鴨血Maggie said...
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