What I hate the Most

Got this from her....So here goes.

What I hate the most.......Can I say Tag? Hahaha

The creature that I hated the most must be:

  1. worm (cos they're so wiggly)
  2. lizards ( I hate the ingots lying around)
  3. frogs (cos they keep coming to kill my fish)
  4. Road Bullies (read here to know why)
Tag other ppl now:
Shopping Mum
Judy Chow
Jesslyn (dunno if you have done it or not)
Rimus (i want to know what guys hate)


  1. Judy Chow said...

    thanks for the tag.

  2. W_W_Ho said...

    hey, i tak boleh tido lah, so get up n do ur tag. done liao now. muahahahaha........

  3. anywhere_Smile said...

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