8 Terrific things about me *shy*

Got this from the very Vain, Mummy In Vain. She wanna know what are the 8 terrific things about myself. Chey...I don't know wor. I don't think that I'm terrific so I took a long long time to think about this. So here goes my 8 terrific things:

  1. Trained to do housework at a very young age. Grandma pays me RM50 to sweep,mop,clean, cook, hang clothes and fold the clothes since errr....maybe 10 years old?
  2. Sew by 7 yrs old. My elder sis taught me how to make 5 stones from the pieces of cloths we got from our aunt who own a sewing factory back then. Then I sewed alot and sold it in school for package price of RM1.50 for a set, or RM0.30 each (to replace the missing ones). That's how I learn to use the old singer sewing machine.
  3. Do part time work since 7 years old. Followed my grandma and sis to a nearby neighbour house to fold bank phamplets, stick double sided tape behind Anita Mui Concert Poster and all...
  4. Can reply someone so fast when being asked and get people tongue tied.
  5. Can bring Jayden out alone, take MRT, up and down the staircase, hold umbrella and talk on the handfone and also snap picture. Can that be terrific?
  6. Park my car in the smallest parking area when no one can. Can ah?
  7. Talk and Talk from PJ to Penang and from Penang to PJ. Can?
  8. I am terrific cos I said I can talk non stop but I cannot think of the No8 reason *pengsan*

Now I wanna tag another 3 person.
Logic Yuan cos u can only do tag right?
Laundryamah, I wanna know about your 8 Terrific things.
LovelyMummy, I know U love Tags!


  1. Judy Chow said...

    Tag for you.

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