1. I logged in although I said I'm on blog break.
  2. I checked technorati to see who linked me.
  3. I opened my eyes big big when I saw L'abeille tagged me.
  4. I already said I'm on blog break.
  5. I'm not supposed to blog during my blog break.
  6. I start to read the tag.
  7. I start to write the tag in my tagsnsuch blog.
  8. I'm waiting for Big C to come back and bring us out for dinner.
  9. I'm not happy lately.
  10. I'm confused lately.
  11. I'm depressed lately.
  12. I don't feel like talking now.
  13. I just felt like sleeping now.
  14. I cannot sleep because Jayden is next to me.
  15. I bought many plants and I havent put them nicely in the pots.
  16. I am a murderer, as per Big C's comment towards me with plants.
  17. I murder plants but that's when I don't take care of them.
  18. I didn't write any cari makan post today because I am bored with it.
  19. I felt like eating crab but no one bring my to eat crab and I'm broke.
  20. I am listening to Barney music now.
  21. I am so bored.
  22. I am so sad again.
  23. I am thinking to go somewhere and just be alone this weekend but I know it's impossible.
  24. I am only 27...
  25. I am having mid life crisis now at 27
  26. I am thinking who to tag next.
  27. I just bought a rotan for Jayden and he thinks that it is a toy.
  28. I am speechless, why it must be 32 sentence and why not 33 or 31?
  29. I am talking to KOK in msn now. So he's automatically tagged.
  30. I am tagging Judy also because she is close to Kok.and because she just made ugly curry puff.
  31. I am Tagging Shoppingmum also just because i feel like it.
  32. I am tagging Janicepa because she just started writing paid post.


  1. shoppingmum said...

    Hai yo, this tag so hard wan...

  2. BabyBooned said...

    you oughta right a comic book! not kidding lahhhh

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