7Ps Tag

First tag from FLSAM. He's my silent reader (I think) cos he mentioned that he reads my blog regularly. ;)

So here goes the 7Ps that best describe me.
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Passion - Myself, Big C, Small C, BoBo, ChaCha, My garden, My Fish, mY bla Bla Bla
Purpose - Like to talk too much, so must blog it out. Hubby is sick of me blablaing edi haha
PursuitTo be famous through blogging To make new friends,to learn new things
Position - GM
Pummeling -Liar
Progress - Almost there...
Personality - Nutty, Spicy, Sometimes Yummy, Most of the time crazy.

Now to pass the baton:


  1. janicepa said...

    how to do this tag wei ?? kekeke..

  2. wHOisBaBy said...

    7Ps ah. hehe ... got it, see how i have my 7Ps lar.

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