8 Random Facts About Mdm Yong.

Got this from Sweetpea, L'abeille, and Health Freak Mum , and MUmsgather too. Actually once I saw sweetpea got tagged for this, i emailed and asked her to tag me. Why? Am I too free to do tags?

Nope, cos that time I just got to know that someone wrote somethings about my mum and surprisingly it was written in year 2002. They were praising my mum because she is an "Alternator Lady". What is alternator? Turn ard and ask a man if you don't know... Maybe some of you guys know that I used to grow up in my dad's workshop because I used to have a drug addict uncle who used to abuse the 4 of us. And my mum helps my dad and took over the "wiring" job from my grandad. My mum not only fix cars, she fix huge coils for big machines. That's I always admire her....and when i look at her hands, she will always ask me "eh my hands dirty and black how ah".Her hands is rough and black because of the cuts (when she pulled the wire with harden glue) and her hands became black because of the grease and glue. That's Fact No.1 My Mum is a Super Alternator Lady

Fact No. 2 : She used to work in sewing factory
I got my sewing skills from my mum because she used to work in the sewing factory before my dad kidnapped her from the factory and brought her to work in the workshop.

Fact No.3: Never give you what my mum never give me.
For some parents, they will give the children what they don't have last time. My mum is totally opposite. She once told me " what I cannot have, you also cannot have". So last time when I need money to pay my fees, she will not give it to me until the last minute. Sometimes she will wait until we cry and beg her for money, then only she will give. She said " I used to get punished to stand on the table when my mum never give me money to pay school fees..."

Fact No.4: All supermarket things are expensive and Sales are gimmick, they mark up the prices.
Die or not????? That's why when we're young, going to supermarket is like a privilege...and "HANG KAI " (shopping) means really just walk and don't stop and go home.

Fact No.5: Only ME calls her Mama, My other 3 siblings calls her AH SUM.
Long story. Superstitious believes. My uncle passed away and my mom gave birth to my bro. According to the law (don't know what law) the first born son must be given to the eldest uncle. So that's why my bro calls my mum Ah SUm and my Dad, Uncle. And how come my sis also calls them that? Need to guide the younger one to greet my mum and dad that way...as time passed by they forgot how to greet their actual parents Mama and Papa.

Fact No. 6: She don't take pork.
Yeah her entire family don't take pork. Was too poor to buy pork. So until now they don't take pork. But she can cook yummy pork dishes.

Fact No.7: She trained us, You want money? Go look for it.
That's why I started working very young...at 7 yrs old. I even worked when I was in college. Fully supported my own pocket money including petrol money. Cool?

Her Salted Fish Tau Fu Pok In Claypot *drools*
Her sambal udang...must eat with my hands *drools*


  1. Kok said...

    Mdm Yong really hebat leh. Somemore, the cookings, slurppp! Can intro me to her so I can have more food? hahaha!

    I'll try to do this tag ok? Thanks for tagging!:)

  2. Cocka Doodle said...

    Wow! She can do alternator rewinding ah? Fuyoh! I take my hat off for her!

  3. Estee Soo said...

    Your story of ur mum is so touching!! :(

    She has really gone through a great deal. U hv turn out fine and Brendon has turn out excellent!!!!

  4. Etcetera~Mommy said...

    One iron lady there. She must have gone thru thick and thin bringing up her kids. I heard about the supertitious thing. I hv a fren who calls her mom (ah yee) and father (ah sok)oo. Strange belief we chinese have huh...

    who is Breandon?

  5. Jacss said...

    A SUPER GREAT mom u have there!!
    Wow..looks like u r mumy pets wor!
    Call anytime, good food ready on d table......izzit becoz only u call her mama ka + "lai lui"/youngest dd ma???
    anyway, abt d name calling part, i also have a brother 'angkat' that also call his own mom 'ah sum' but call my mom, mumy instead. How rediculous heh, better believe it coz it happens elsewhere too, hehe!

  6. Annie Q said...

    Wow..very touching post!! (wipe my tears) Really!
    Vinegar pork leg with lotsa of eggs, never know that can add egg in lei.Will try this out!;)
    Will try to do the tag.;)

  7. mumsgather said...

    I like the part where your dad kidnapped your mum from the sewing factory to work at the workshop. Hahaha.

  8. 麻辣鴨血Maggie said...

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