Got Tagged By Logic Yuan

Logic Yuan tagged me. So 8 wanna know about me ya? problem.

1. What was the last thing you did that you pleased your parents?
Got married then only make baby. *wink* Have a grand wedding for them to show off and let them go home early to sleep (dinner end at 930pm cool?) ..Bluff wan la..where got so much money. Only make baby after get married la...can or not jek?

2. Do you keep long nails?
No,always break before it gets long. Jayden around ma....

3. What makes you start blogging?
I kiasu wanna follow ppl can or not? Actually I have nothing to do at my previous working place. So i blogged lor....

4. Blog hopping is good or bad?
Good for newbies to build rapport. Good for the oldies to maintain rapport. Never forget the roots ya.

5. How long you take to bath?
5 mins. Then Jayden will come to knock on the door. Mama!!!!!!

6. Whose blog you viewed before doing this tag?
Sasha BlaBlaBla that's how I know i got tagged lor...

7. What motivates you to go out for the outdoors the most?

8. How long is your average SMS length?
4 pages to bitch. 2 pages to ask for favour. 3 words to Big C. Haha

9. What you use your email for?
To check comments.

10. What is your favourite snack?
I don't like to eat snacks. That's why i quit my last job. Snack company. Not healthy. Hahaha

11. What movie that you think that is worth for your money this year?
Transformers. Opps it was a free tix

12. What would you look for when you wake up early in the morning?
My damn HP alarm la.

Now my target:
Lovely Mummy- saw that you like tag to increase pr...
Immomsdaugther - long time no hear from u ah...
Papajoneh- Thanks for your support. I lak U.


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