Three Things About Me

Got it from her.

Three things that scare me
1) Hearing THUD sound, means Jayden fell down.
2) Hearing Uwaaa means Jayden jammed her finger somewhere
3) Meeting crazy driver like my Spore journey.

Three people who make me laugh
1) My Son
2) My Hubby
3) Myself

Three things I love
1) My Son
2) My Husband
3) Traveling with Both my Guys

Three things I hate
1) Jayden being Sick
2) Big C gotto travel far and long
3) Liars

Three things I don't understand
1) Why the tags never end
2) Why my hubby can sit in the toilet for hours and come out and told me Noak, not bath. shit only. 0.o

Three things on my desk
1) Laptop
2) Handphone
3) Camera

Three things I am doing right now
1) Doing this tag
2) Taking Care of Jayden
3) Scolding Jayden NO!!!!

Three things I want to do before I die
1) Finish this tag
2) Make sure someone takes care of the small one
3) make up nicely and make sure i die pretty ....hahahha

Three things I can do
1) Scold
2) eat
3) love

Three things I can’t do
1) Blog Hop everyday
2) Comment everyday
3) Cook and clean everyday...*sigh*

Three things I think you should listen to
1) Parents' advice (same with Judy)
2) Your feeling and heart (same with Judy)
3) Gods' word (so same with Judy)

Three things you should never listen to
1) People show off about how much and what they have, which reflects what you don’t have (agree with Judy so much)
2) negative things la.
3) People talk bad about me which I'm not in that way (Judy , why we so same wan?)

Three shows I watched as a kid
!) Smurf
2) care bears
3) Ultraman (why he ding ding ding only when he wanna die? why he never ding ding ding from the beginning?)

Tagging them:


  1. papajoneh said...

    Kena lagi... aduh... so many tags. I can't keep up. Please remind me again if i forgotten. :)

    I thought 3 things only.... 3 things in every little things... banyak tuuu.. LOL>

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