A to Z (again)

Got tagged from her. But then I looked left and right, this tag looked familiar! So i went to search in my main blog and i FOUND IT! So i'm just gonna Copy and Paste my Old Tag here cos i have a few tags pending. I'm still very lazy to update my blog after my trip back from Spore! So here Goes!

A-Z Tag!

A is for age
2007 - 1980 = ??

B is for booze of choice
Anything except Chang beer. Made me wanna puke for 5 hours . cannot puke. After dat gotto go for jab.

C is for career
Talk Cock. Liar. Well, that's what they call bloggers now right?

D is for your most dreaded
Ppl who call ppl liar when they themself IS a LIAR.
And humsup man. Niasing. Went to see doctor the other day. A myanmar guy stare at me until the nurse also beh tahan wanna scold him. See what see. Go home TFKei la u.

E is for essential item you use everyday
Internet......for obvious reason.

F is for favorite song at the moment
Hinder Lips of an angel...I also dunno what i like about this song. Its about a man cheating on the gf with another woman. *sigh*

G is for favorite games
Errrrr Games in Bedroom? *whipping sound*
Nolah! I dun play games okay.
Okay maybe play Ah Chak! with my son.

H is for Hometown.
Everyday in Hometown la. KL ma.

I is for indulgence
Errrrrr same like 5xmom's 2nd indulgence?

J is for favorite flavor of juice
Juice juice....I like lime with Asam.

K is for kids
Jayden. Satu sahaja. Saya 1xmom.

L is for last hug from husband.
11ty 2 minutes ago.

M is for year of marriage
2007 - 2004 for registration.
2007 - 2005 for ceremony.

N is for name of your crush
I dun have, cannot remember....

O is for overnight hospital stays
4 days for bronchitis.
7 days for fever viral.
3 days for giving birth.
I hope no more.

P is for phobias
Snakes. Worms. Wiggly things. Except for one wiggly thing. *wink*

Q is for quote
Life's short. Enjoy.

R is for biggest regret
Start blogging. because now i cannot stop.

S is for status.
Today is it? Today is....err married kua.

T is for time you wake up
This morning at 7.10. Cilakak myself because i ter-set my alarm clock to 6.45pm when its supposed to be 6.45am!!!!

U is for underwear.
Now? Black colour. Why? Wanna give me other colour to complete my range of colours izit?

V is for vegetable you love
I love brocolli. Cauliflower. Spinach. Carrot (not amah's maid one okay...very chow bee wan!)

W is for worst habit
Talk too much.

X is for x-rays you’ve had
Chest. Because of brochitis.

Y is for yummy food you make
Errr pick up the fone and dial 1 300 13 13.

Z is for zodiac sign
Scorpio. Dun step on my tail. i "kiam" u!

Now, to tag 3 person! hahaha
Sweetpea : Okay Okay I copied yr tag. But it was all a confusion okay? Haha Won't do it again. Now please copy backmy tag to get even! hahaha

Mumsgather : NO Cannot copy my tag okay! Hahahahahaha

Papajoneh: Miss me so much huh?


  1. Anonymous said...

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  2. wHOisBaBy said...

    first time tagged you at this blog: http://familyfriendsnfood.blogspot.com/2007/07/tag-080808.html

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