Call For Pork

Okay this post is actually for myself cos I'm so sick of loosing papers and contact infos. So i thought the best way to keep the contact is through scanning it and post it up here and share with those that would like to call and order pork. Only for those that is staying in Taman Megah, Damansara Jaya and TTDI. Geezzz.. I don't stay in that 3 places. Gotto call and check with them if they send to my housing area or not.


  1. mott said...

    wah...i aso dun mind ler.... home about kai?

    ooo..that don't sound soo good..hehehehehe

  2. Ann said...

    Good grand idea!

    I stay nearby DJ but in a totally Malay kampung....hope he doesn't get stoned coming in IF I ever have the craving for pork like NOW!

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