Siu Yoke Sutra!

Siu Yoke 1
In the Oven! Very smoky when cooking this!

Siu Yoke 2
Straight out from the oven

Siu Yoke 3
Side view

Siu Yoke 5
Another side view

Siu Yoke 6
I know..I am mental! Another side view!

Siu Yoke 4
Top View!

Siu Yoke 7


  1. shoppingmum said...

    tell me how to do this!!!

  2. mommy to chumsy said...

    really triple syiokalingam..i wanna take a bite!!!!

  3. mott said...

    oOOo..nice bokeh... ;)

  4. stay-at-home mum said...

    it looks so yummy!! but be careful, dont overcook - carcinogens causes cancer.

  5. Ann said...

    Sutra indeed ! Made my mouth WATER!!!

  6. janice said...

    ah jan kenot view !!

  7. Mummy Moon said...

    nice... I stop doing this dish after get to know the swine flu case ... takut mah..

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