Dad's Workshop

I sent my D40 for servicing last week. They started to charge for servicing fees RM40 for models D300 and below. So while waiting for my sister to come and join me for breakfast, I snapped some pictures in my dad's workshop.

My dad operates a car workshop.

I have spent my earlier days as a kiddo in this workshop cos my mum refused to let me stay home. It was considered more dangerous to stay home that time because I had a drug addict uncle staying in the same house.

Well human change. He changed. I changed. Everyone changed. Except the workshop.

Then I saw this sign...

haha they improved edi. No more hutangs!


  1. mott said...

    hahahahahahaha good one!!!

    nice pics!!

  2. Irene said...

    wahahahaha! good sign there!

  3. mommy to chumsy said...

    lovely photos. i thought you said car workshop? but the signboard reads electrical? so yr dad does both? :D

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