I was busy carrying Jayden in Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi and he was blocking my view so there's no way that I can continue to snap pictures. I like to kneel down, tilt and do whatever just to get a clear shot at things. So what happened was, my second sister took over my dslr camera and she shot this. Not bad for a first timer. And what surprised me was she used the manual focusing. *blink blink* Really surprised me. I have been using dslr since .... I forgot when and I have never used manual focusing before. Probably that's why my pictures is not that err...nice.

Anyway, this picture was uploaded in, a new website for you to share your pictures regardless whether you have taken it from your dslr or just your normal cellphone cameras. Now you have another option to upload and share your pictures online be it about funny signboards you find around you or just to share your happenings in life. And I just read that even armatures can have the opportunity to join the Photo Contest. Hey, sometimes armatures take nicer photographs than professionals. I mean everyone has their own capabilities and skills. You just got to start some where some how. You know what I mean?



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