New Toy

For us (Big C and I). Big C bought new lense for our new toy. He got it cheap cos it was a 2nd hand item. Since we're only using it to play play so no point buying brand new la since the wife is going to koyakkan the lense soon.

This is what he took with the new lense.

So, what is this new lense called? I have no freaking idea. I only know how to use it. Hahahahhahahahahah but i took pic of it la.



  1. W_W_H said...

    u reli making me be tahan edi!!! i'm in da middle of choosing between nikon d40, d40x and canon 400. reli very confused edi now!!!

  2. etceteramommy said...

    Wow.. so fast another gadget. What's the function of the new lense?

  3. Hor ny Ang Moh said...

    Wah! The lense so big arrr??? Can take pic far far away? Look very expensive too! Ur pic is getting better & better! Have a nice day!

  4. Jules said...

    that's a telephoto lens ler... or should i say zoom lens... hehehehe

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