I is going to die. I really dunno what is wrong with both my bosses brain. Call me yesterday and asked me to stop doing whatever I am doing which is already alot for myself. And deadline is around the corner. And then they gave me a new project and its super URGENT. And asked me to find the cutest picture ever. And I did and this morning they changes their mind and asked me to use damn FURRY CAT. How on earth am i going to crop the blardy cat's fur? He said he knows how to do it in photoshop but he forgot. Eh say and no say, no difference Okay? Dammit! And now I'm squeezing my brain trying to figure out how to crop the fur!
I HATE CATS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. L'abeille said...

    I got scissors..u want to pinjam or not? *cabuts*

  2. Annie Q said...

    hahahaha..laugh at l'abeille comment.
    But but but but i'm a cat lover..

  3. TheBlueRanger said...

    chi sin ar! ask them to put the real cat lar. faster mar.

  4. Shireen Loh said...

    Come!! We go draw cats whiskers on their face when they sleeping...ggrrrr!!!!

  5. Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne said...

    hmm,sounds like your boss infected by a disease, it's call BRAINLESS disease...never use his brain to think before he decide on thing...but i guess lots of bosses infected by this scary disease.

    Tell him, put his face will give better result!! hahaha!

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