So Jealous Of You Eric!

Hey Eric, I heard that you're going to a few places this year end!I'm so jealous! Since you're busy, I have searched some information for you. *I know , I'm so nosy!*

¡recepción a España! That's what the receptionist in hoteles en españa will say to you when you stepped into the hotel. Look forward to eat tapas at the restaurant and do nothing at all, just sit and relax and also look forward for the bullfighting, the most awaited event in Spain!

Make sure that you're full eating tapas and then you can go to Barcelona to check out the Zoo in Parc Ciutadella. Remember to visit Gaudi's architecture too. I heard that it's simply a great site to snap pictures with your new DSLR. Get a good night sleep in hoteles en barcelona.

Remember to drop by hoteles en madrid. Okay, although Beckham doesn't stay in Madrid anymore there's still alot to see and eat. I heard the Madrid Cuisine suits everyone's taste. Try it. Remember to snap pic again okay?

And your last destination, Paris. Ah.......Juste ne l'aimez-vous pas ? That means Don't You Just Love It In french. Who doesn't love Paris and its hoteles en paris. Simply amazing and romantic! Remember to go up the Eiffel Tower and yes, snap picture again. You won't get chances like this everyday you know?

Okay Have fun there!

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