New House For Me?


We went to check out a new house the other day. Hub suddenly want to look at new houses. He indicated that our house is just too small. Hey, there's only the 3 of us and 2 dogs. Hmmm come to think of it, our house now is pretty small and cramp for the 5 of us.

But I am so scared of moving. I just wish that the new house will have everything new. Just move in like a hotel and stay there. How nice. But seriously, I like to have new bed. Our bed is already 4 years old and come to think of it the design is just so old fashion! white bedroom furniture will be nice...

Next, our sofa need to go. This time, no more soft colours like beige and white. It is so hard to clean!!! Anyway it is time to change it already because the new house measurement might differ and our current sofa might not fit nicely in the living room.

YAY! New house with new furniture. So nice!!!

Okay, I'm dreaming too far now. We're just looking at the new house. Might not buy it anyway. *sigh*

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