Web Conferencing

My husband used to spend so much time traveling from one country to another just for short meetings. Now, with web conferencing, he spends more time at home with us.

With web conferencing, he can now perform training of new products for a few countries at one go all at the same time, same place! Not only his company gets to save costs for the traveling expense, even his sub-companies in other countries save money too.

Web conferencing can be used not only for meetings and new product launches but also for education purposes. Check out MegaMeeting now for more info.


  1. Happy said...

    In addition to that some other features of the web conferencing solutions that we often utilize through our www.rhubcom.com
    i.e.private meeting rooms, real time voice communication, a chat room for the participants, interactive white-board features and capabilities to share desktops among participants.

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