Do you like to write? I'm not talking about blogging here. I'm talking about serious writing where you intend to start to write a book and become a serious high New York Times Bestselling author. Then you got to read on; on what I have to say next.

Personally, I know someone out there that has a very good flare in writing and he is planning to write and publish his book soon. But without professional guidance on how to start and where to start, I don't think he can go anywhere with just a plain written book. But since I have just sent him this link of "How To Be A New York Bestselling Author" I believe everything will be different for him.

Nowadays, selling a book its not just about the content of the book. It's about a whole package of the content of course plus other aspects that can push your book up as the best selling book! Want to know what is the "whole package" and "other aspects"? Click here to find out now!


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