Embarassing Moment

Got this tag from Sasha's (yeah same name as me) mom, Brenda and Chineeq too!

Okay, so she wants to know about my most embarrassing moment.

When I was in Form 4, I got a job in Sports Station, Jaya Supermarket. So wanted to rush to work and once bath, I got dressed and rushed out coz i was extremely late! And then I saw a friend and he said "Wei, Leng Lui...where you going?" And I waved and said hi " then I realized " How come so so so funny feeling.

Dang, I forgot to wear my bra cos I was rushing out.

So I turned back right after I said HI and rushed back home, wore my bra and went to work...in a taxi cos I've missed my bus.

I have more but I cannot think right, right now. Haha

Passing this to
Janicepa and Janicepa only.


  1. BabySashaNMom said...

    Wow! U terror la...

  2. BabyBooned said...

    clown la you!!

  3. anywhere_Smile said...

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