I received an email from my so-called colleague in Singapore. Read what she wrote:

Dear Sasha,

How are you now? Busy changing diapers? Hope u r enjoying your new bundle. Boy or girl ah? If need toys, we have.... XX one!

THE XX BRAND TOY, is actually a brand for... DOG TOYS.

Now, tell me. Am I being too sensitive or someone is not sensitive enough to know that she just offered DOG TOYS to my son - A HUMAN?

And she has the guts to email me and asked me to work during my confinement.

So tell me, who can be more retarded than her? Well, I cannot find anyone. But I found another person who is equally retarded like her.

My Malaysian colleague! She said that that girl's suggestion is a good idea! YAY!!!! Now I know what to serve them during their birthday party- DOG FOOD!


  1. Kok said...

    I don't know how to describe them lah. Perhaps, they are b*tches themselves. So they get used to those doggy stuff liao. Don't blame them lah hor. :P

  2. mott said...

    No la..

    ask them eat DOG SHIT LA!

  3. Irene said...

    wat the hell dis people liddat wan. omg. stopid or wat. wahpiang.

  4. Mummy Joanne and Daddy Terence said...


    If you need more dog shit to bake them birthday cake, do let me know, i can collect some dog shit from my 2 dogs for them!!!

    These people brainless, waste of your time to talk to them!!

  5. HN said...

    I strongly seconded your suggestion!!! Serve them right!

  6. va:L said...

    This is so call female dog, or in the technical term you can call them Bitch.

    They thought everyone got the same preference like them, love dog food, and dog toys.

    Forgive them, which their brain is too small to expand.

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