Home Phototherapy for Jaundice

According to BabyCentre:

• 50 per cent of full-term infants develop jaundice on the second or third day after birth. It disappears after one week.

• 80 per cent of premature babies develop it between the fifth and seventh days after birth (Evans 2007). It usually disappears within two months of birth.

The normal practise in Malaysia (don't know about other parts of the world), we will bring the baby out and put him under the morning sun. For some cases, like my Justin's (our house is lack of morning sun) and since the reading is going up, we're advised to put him under the phototherapy at home for 3 days.


The charges are RM445 for 3 days, much cheaper than staying in hospital. Plus its much more convinient for everyone (mom and baby) cos you can cuddle the lil one more and breastfeed him exclusively.

Home Phototheraphy Services Sdn Bhd
Contact No: 03-7957 8137
24 hour service line: 012- 395 1311
Website: www.bluelite.com.my


  1. Wonderful Life said...

    My son was a full term baby but his jaundice only disappeared when he's about 2 months...

    Aiyo... so nice got such service ler. Too bad only in Klang Valley! I wonder Penang has such service or not... hmm.

  2. Anonymous said...

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