My sister prepare this drink quite frequent for herself and her husband who has high blood pressure. And since my husband liked the taste and it comes with benefits, I have prepared it for him. The drink is very fragrant as it ws made from pandan leave and lemongrass and its sweet.
The ingredients :
Pandan Leaves
Brown Rock Sugar
Serai/Lemon Grass

Boil it under 30 mins slow fire and you're done!


  1. yogini said...

    Do you notice using this any symptoms like flu-like feeling or digestive issues? It sounds interesting. Sometimes I get that when I detox for first day.

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  2. allthingspurple said...

    I dropped by to check out how you are with the new baby, am I in the wrong blog? okay, will hop over to the other one.

  3. va:L said...

    Does this work?

  4. Moo mommy said...

    Yap... Panda water in Thailand believe isgoodtohigh blood pressure. Jst boil panda leave in water.

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